VALORANT Prime Gaming Rewards: Light ‘Em Up Spray (March 2024) cover image

VALORANT Prime Gaming Rewards: Light ‘Em Up Spray (March 2024)

Every so often, you’ll be able to redeem in-game rewards for VALORANT just by having an active Prime Gaming account.

VALORANT is one of many games you can receive rewards in via Prime Gaming. All it takes is a Prime Gaming account that is linked to a Riot Games account. With that accomplished, you can collect free in-game items as they release periodically through the program.

How to get VALORANT Prime Gaming Rewards?

Redeeming VALORANT rewards through Prime Gaming is easy and only requires a small handful of steps:

  1. Go to the VALORANT section of Prime Gaming
  2. Click Sign In in the top right and sign into your Amazon Account with Prime active
  3. Select Claim under the current reward available for VALORANT, free with Prime
  4. Under Linked game account, link your Riot Games account if it isn't already
  5. Press Get in-game content to redeem it to your VALORANT account
  6. Load into VALORANT and your Prime Gaming reward will be in your Collection

The current reward is the Light 'Em Up Spray. And if you have redeemed rewards in the past, you can skip the step that requires you to link your Riot Games account.

Time to redeem Light 'Em Up Spray

The most recent VALORANT Prime Gaming reward went live on February 26, 2024. It is the Light 'Em Up Spray. You can add this to your spray wheel and place it on surfaces around the map. It is a spray of a neon sign-style hand, perhaps Breach's, that is animated and shoots sparks from a finger gun.

You have just around a month to claim the reward. It remains redeemable until March 25, 2024. That's more than enough time for you to link your accounts together to add yet another spray to your VALORANT collection.

What is Prime Gaming?

(Image via Amazon)
(Image via Amazon)

Anyone who has an Amazon Prime or Prime Video account can access Prime Gaming. It provides in-game content to a large library of titles, as well as Twitch benefits. You receive emotes, a free channel subscription each month, and even extended storage broadcast for your streams. It's really that simple.

Something important to note is that Riot Games has revealed that Prime Gaming rewards will soon end. Come March 2024, all Riot Games titles will not longer have free rewards available on a monthly basis for users.

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