Honkai Star Rail is popular, a bit too popular for this VALORANT team

A VALORANT team forfeited their pro match during the VCT Hong Kong Taiwan Spit 2 and the reason will amaze you. One of the players was busy playing Honkai Star Rail and did not install the Riot Games client in time for the match.

VALORANT player busy with Honkai Star Rail, the team forfeits official match

A VCT HKTW player was busy playing Honkai Star Rail before his team’s official match on May 2. He did not have the Riot client installed at game time and his team, Ghost CommandoS had to forfeit their match. The team ended the Split group stage with a 0-7 score having lost all of their best-of-three series including a forfeit.

Players have to install the official client every week as the organizers use a rotation system between three clients. As a result, players had to update the client, and the updates were usually the size of a new install. 

If you are wondering why players have to download three different clients, you are not alone. One of the replies clarified there are three different clients and updates happen when they have to add new maps or some other drastic change.

This explains why the player did not have the client installed mid-season having already played official matches in the previous weeks.

Ghost CommandoS has lost all six of their best-of-three matches in the League before this forfeit. They finished the group stage with a 0-7 score and did not advance to the group stage. At the time of the match, however, they were 0-5 and there was a chance they might have made the playoffs if they won their remaining two matches. Irrespective, the forfeit all but sealed their chances of advancing further in the league.

Honkai Star Rail 's meteoric rise in popularity

Most of the community replies pointed out how Honkai is an amazing game and they couldn’t really blame the player. 

Honkai Star Rail released on April 26, and has been a raging success. With millions of players trying out the turn-based RPG game, it’s no surprise that a few VALORANT players also have started playing the game. With its detailed graphics and engaging music, the game also has a storyline that keeps you coming back for more.

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