VALORANT is introducing a PBE Server for certain accounts. Here is the information you need as well as how you can be a part of the server.

Riot Games will introduce a VALORANT PBE test environment for some North American accounts. The PBE will begin on July 9th.

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VALORANT accounts selected for the PBE will be able to test early builds for the upcoming patch. 

This is not the first time Riot Games is implementing a test server for upcoming patches. With their first game, League of Legends, select players are able to test out the patch in order to nit-pick certain bugs or imbalances in the game. After more than a year since the game’s launch, VALORANT will follow suit in the pathway League of Legends set. 

However, there will be differences with the VALORANT PBE versus League of Legends.

What is in the VALORANT PBE?

The VALORANT PBE will be “selectively available”, Riot Games stated. This means that instead of an individual server that can always be played on, the VALORANT PBE will only serve as a way to improve the game.

“The VALORANT PBE will be open over one weekend before each new patch, two weekends prior to the normal Tuesday live date. This is where selected North American VALORANT accounts can jump in, test proposed changes, and mention bugs in the dedicated VALORANT PBE subreddit.” Riot Games states in the press release.

Still, this is a very big step for Riot Games’ first-person shooter. The introduction of a PBE allows more opportunities for player testing before a patch release. This will prevent certain agents from being overpowered and create a good player-developer relationship.

Sentinels are the reigning VCT Stage 2 Masters Champions. They are regarded as the best competitive VALORANT team.
Sentinels are the reigning VCT Stage 2 Masters Champions. They are regarded as the best competitive VALORANT team.

Furthermore, a subreddit megathread will be created. Redditors will be able to view a collection of change notes, creating a collaboration amongst various people. 

How to apply for PBE

Players interested in the VALORANT PBE server can follow the Riot Games application page for more details.

Fortunately, there is no minimum rank requirement to join the VALORANT PBE. However, one of the main requirements will be a lot of play hours. The specific number of play hours is yet to be determined.

Accompanying the game hour requirement is that North American players do not have any ban or restrictions on their VALORANT account. If you meet both of these requirements, you are eligible to apply for the VALORANT PBE server.

VALORANT is becoming a hit game for Riot Games as the first person shooter continues to grow in popularity. With a developing esports scene accompanied by a large player base, VALORANT is now in a position to receive more support.

The development of a VALORANT PBE server will create a lot of benefits for the game moving forward, thus allowing for a better playing experience, as well as a more balanced esports scene.

As for future VALORANT events, VCT Stage 3 North America start date has not been announced. Europe will begin on June 28th, as revealed earlier this month.

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