And Quite a long list of bug fixes for Clove

VALORANT Patch 8.07 is here and it brings with it some changes to Omen, quite a few bug fixes for Clove and more. Here’s everything that’s new in the latest VALORANT update.

Omen players can now pick up the Spike while in Shade form (Their ultimate). They do not need to cancel the ability in order to pick up the Spike. While players could do this previously, it is now a feature as against to what some players thought it was - a bug.

Besides this change, there are several bug fixes for Clove. Clove is the newest agent to join VALORANT and has been well-received by the community so far.

VALORANT Patch 8.07 Patch Notes

Agent Updates


  • Omen is now able to pick up the Spike and interact with other useables like doors while in the Shade form of From the Shadows (X) without having to cancel the ability. Our goal is to make these interactions more intuitive and clearly intended.

Gameplay System Updates

  • Flashes now behave more consistently even if your latency is affected.

Bug Fixes


  • Damage Display
    • We fixed a bug where fractional damage would represent the total damage taken incorrectly on the HUD. This bug resulted in issues like close range Classic body shots on armored targets appearing to deal 25 instead of 26 damage and Clove appearing to heal to 151 health with Pick-Me-Up (C) in some circumstances.
      • NOTE: this is purely a visual fix and the underlying gameplay around damage has not changed.


  • Chamber
    • Fixed an exploit where Chamber could place Trademark (C) in unintended locations.
  • Clove
    • Submitted a speculative fix for an issue where Clove’s corpse would sometimes remain upright after dying.
    • Fixed a bug where Clove's Not Dead Yet (X) does not progress the “Use Your Ultimate” weekly mission and Match Details incorrectly reports 0 casts.
    • Fixed a bug where Clove’s Ruse (E) used after death does not report to the Match Details.
    • Fixed a bug where damage to Clove’s Pick-Me-Up (C) temporary health did not appear in Combat Report.
    • Fixed a bug where Clove’s aim direction would abruptly change when suppressed during Not Dead Yet (X). Thank you @FLOWSHIZZLETV, @FatalGlytch and @papashlomo for the testing and report.
    • Fixed a bug where Clove would sometimes resurrect without their primary weapon when using Not Dead Yet (X).
    • Fixed a bug where Clove’s head and arm hitboxes could be offset when aiming sharply up or down with Ruse (E) equipped.
      • Fixed the same bug that also applied while Clove was crouched with Ruse (E) equipped.
    • Fixed a bug where Clove’s Meddle (Q) used an incorrect ability icon in the Combat Report.
    • Submitted a speculative fix for Clove’s Pick-Me-Up (C) HUD sometimes showing > 150 total health values when taking fall damage as Clove activated the ability.
    • Fixed a bug where moving through the edges of Clove’s smoke would cause flickering vision rather than a smooth transition.
    • Fixed a bug where dead allies or observers spectating Clove would skip the death camera ceremony upon Clove’s death.
    • Fixed a bug where Clove’s Meddle (Q) could rarely cause a client-side hitch.


  • Weapon and Skins Audio
    • We had several reports of skins’ audio being bugged, which are now fixed:
      • Glitchpop Classic
      • Prime Classic
      • Cryostasis Classic
      • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster (G.U.N) Classic
      • Spectrum Classic
      • Elderflame Operator
      • Ion Sheriff (Note: This was already hotfixed during 8.05, but adding here so everyone is aware.)
    • We also had several other guns/skins reported as having audio issues (Standard/Default Phantom, Oni Phantom, Recon Phantom, etc.), but we verified these are actually working properly. If these guns or any other first person audio sounds different on headphones than it sounded before 8.05, it could be due to your speaker configuration in the VALORANT audio settings. This can happen if your USB headphones appear to Windows to be a surround sound device with multiple channels and you have opted into Auto-Detect in the VALORANT audio settings. If you are listening on headphones, have selected Auto-Detect, and do not have Spatial Audio enabled, your speaker configuration should appear as 2.0. If any other number of channels is shown, you can either set your VALORANT speaker configuration back to Stereo or enable Spatial Audio in Windows to fix this.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed an issue where Radio Commands Menu being bound to number keys caused a conflict when trying to activate commands.


  • Fixed a bug where your status displayed in the roster list was sometimes too small to read.
  • Fixed a bug where ties on the Standings were not broken correctly.

The VALORANT Patch Notes 8.07 mostly focus on the bug fixes for Clove. But for Omen players, the new changes will allow them to be much more versatile in their gameplay and utility.

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