VALORANT has dropped patch 6.04, which introduces Gekko, the Oni 2.0 skinline, a new Battlepass, and much more.

There are some VALORANT patches that deliver simple fixes. Others set the game in a brand new direction. That is what will happen with VALORANT patch 6.04. The update is here, which initiates Episode 6 Act 2 and brings Gekko into the game.

Once you update your game to patch 6.04, you will see Oni 2.0 enter your shop and Gekko's Agent contract ready and waiting. That's not all, though. There are a couple of bug fixes and performance updates you might want to know about, too.

VALORANT patch 6.04 introduces Gekko

The most anticipated part of the update is surely Gekko. The new Initiator Agent comes with a few little buddies that will make holding corners and playing post-plants a nightmare for the enemy team. You can get a closer look at all of Gekko's abilities here:

Oni 2.0 has arrived

A close second to Gekko is Oni 2.0. The Oni skinline is one of the most popular ever added to VALORANT and patch 6.04 gives it new life with the 2.0 edition. With the bundle, you can get your hands on a Vandal, Ares, Bulldog, Frenzy, and a Katana Melee weapon. Check it out:

The VALORANT Episode 6 Act 2 Battlepass is here

If we were ranking additions to VALORANT in patch 6.04 by level of hype, the Battlepass would probably come in third place. As you play throughout Episode 6 Act 2, you will level up the Battlepass and can purchase it to earn some cool rewards. See the cosmetics available in the Battlepass:

Other updates from the VALORANT 6.04 patch notes

Damage dealt to Sage's wall before full fortification has been fixed (Image via Riot Games /
Damage dealt to Sage's wall before full fortification has been fixed (Image via Riot Games /

Now, the patch notes get into more standard practices. VALORANT patch 6.04 also fixes some bugs and performance issues. Those are:

  • Input latency has been improved by roughly one frame for players who do not have NVIDIA Reflex or AMD Anti-Lag enabled, who use multithreaded rendering, and who use VSYNC
  • Sage's Barrier Orb no longer fortifies to full health rather than max health minus the damage taken during fortification
  • Abilities, such as Sova's Owl Drone, that are pushed by the rotating doors on Lotus into other players no longer continue pushing players after the doors have stopped or after the players have exited the area
  • Game mode related UI no longer loads in a blocking manner on game startup for players with the issue

The majority of VALORANT patch 6.04 is content additions, but you can read the full patch notes on the game's official website. Enjoy the start of Episode 6 Act 2!

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