Chamber’s not as effective any more.

The Valorant 4.09 update is live and it brings some nerfs to Chamber, one of the most popular Agents at VCT Masters Reykjavik. The latest update also brings some changes to 

One of the most significant changes is the nerf to Chamber’s Trademark. Trademark now features just one charge instead of two, and is a significant hit to the newest agent on the block. 

Right now, Chamber’s Trademark outperforms other Sentinel tools in both reliability and power, which feels inappropriate given the amount of defensive combat tools Chamber has spread across the rest of his kit. 

This change forces Chamber to choose carefully his playstyle wherein he can either flank the opponents with ease or stay and help his team. 

What are the Chamber Nerfs in the latest Valorant patch?


  • Cost increased from 150 to 200 creds
  • Charges reduced from 2 to 1
  • Audio range of the trap increase

Competitive Updates

There are also a few competitive updates in the latest patch. You can transfer the leadership of your party now. So there’s no need to disband and make a new party anymore.

Observers can toggle the scoreboard on and off, which is a big deal as it allows them to show the statistics to thousands of viewers at home. 

Valorant Devs talk about Sentinels

Sentinels are defensive experts who can lock down areas and watch flanks, both on attacker and defender rounds.

The official Sentinels description

There’s been some discussions about the role of Sentinels lately, with multiple pros giving their thoughts on the topic. OpTiC Yay and the team’s coach, Chet, had shared their thoughts on the Sentinels’ role.

In the tweet, Yay said all Sentinels need a buff. Most of these agents can be countered by some utilities or just via movement abilities. 

The developers go into further details about the Sentinels role, clarifying their thoughts on this role. They clarified that Sentinels ability gives them flexibility in how to approach the game. Sage’s reactive slow abilities or Cypher’s vision or Chamber’s flanks brings different strengths and weaknesses to the agents. 

“When we think about the Sentinel role, we think about its overall ability to keep map control and defend space,” said Jay Watford, Lead Agent Designer and Dan Hardison , Game Designer in a statement. “We believe that Sentinels and Sentinel players should have many options and methods to control and defend, whether it’s through the use of Sage’s reactive slow abilities, Cypher’s flank-watching gadgets, or defensively-oriented combat and guns like Chamber.”

“Like all our Agents, it’s important to carve out sharp strengths and weaknesses for Chamber in the roster”

The developer’s statement seems to coincide with their changes for Chamber. Players are now forced to choose between different playstyles. 

“Like all our Agents, it’s important to carve out sharp strengths and weaknesses for Chamber in the roster,” they continue. “If you take him for his weapon arsenal and disengage, you should feel as if you’re giving up a strength—like traps or stall—that his peers excel at. As usual, all eyes are now on Chamber changes, and we’ll adjust if we see him suffer disproportionately on defense relative to attack.”

Jay Watford, Lead Agent Designer, and Dan Hardison, Game Designer

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