VALORANT OFF//SEASON Events announced for 2023 cover image

VALORANT OFF//SEASON Events announced for 2023

More than 40 events across the world in the OFF//SEASON

The official VALORANT esports season comes to an end with VCT Champs later this month. As the world’s best VALORANT teams compete in Los Angeles, the bigger question for many fans is what’s next. Riot Games has just provided the answer with an extensive list of VALORANT OFF//SEASON events for 2023. 

The VALORANT OFF//SEASON events start right after VCT Champions 2023 and continue right until January 2024. For several teams, the OFF//SEASON is the perfect time to adjust their rosters and finalize their esports plans for the next season. There will be more than 40 events across various continents across the world. 

Each region has nearly ten events of various forms and sizes. While some events take place on LAN, there are also a few that take place online. From India to Japan, across EMEA and North America, VALORANT OFF//SEASON events are there to keep fans engaged even as the official VCT season takes a break. 


Multiplatform Esports Game 2023 (MEG)

  • Location: Brazil
  • Format: Online Qualifiers and Playoffs
  • Finals: (LAN) Arena Carioca - Rio de Janeiro
  • Registrations Period: Sep 1st-Oct 4th
  • Schedule:
    • Open Qualifiers: Oct 5th-Oct 8th
    • Playoffs: Oct 12th-Oct 15th; Oct 21st-22nd
    • Finals: Nov 4th, 10:00h-20:00h
  • Where to Watch:

Resistance Cup by G-Shock

GGWP 2023

Neon Dream Women’s VALORANT Invitational presented by Army National Guard

Spike Drop: Vegas Heist

  • Spike Drop: Vegas Heist
  • Location: Las Vegas, North America
  • Format: Allied Esports LAN at the HyperX Arena
  • Schedule:
    • Oct 27th-29th
  • Where to Watch:

For Those Who Dare - Presented by ASUS ROG

  • Format: Online Open Qualifiers
  • Venue: LAN Finals will be at ASUS ROG HQ in California
  • Schedule:
    • OQ1: Sept 30th - Oct 1st
    • OQ2: Oct 7th-8th
    • LAN Finals: Nov 4th

The Knight's Forge

The Cozy Clash presented by Lenovo Legion

  • Format: Online Open Qualifiers
  • Venue: LAN Finals at the Lenovo Legion Esports Center Home of Complexity Gaming
  • Schedule:
    • Open Qualifier 1: Nov 6th-9th
    • Open Qualifier 2: Nov 18th-20th
    • LAN: Dec 5th7th
  • Location: North America
  • Prize Poo: $40,000
  • Where to Watch: 

The OFF//SEASON Showdown presented by Sean Gares

Liquid Open Powered by IMC


  • Location: Argentina Game Show, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Schedule:
    • Qualifiers: Sep 3rd-4th
    • LCQ: Sep 16th-17th
    • Main Event: Oct 13th-16th

ACE Double Down

Plant the Spike for Charity



  • Two Events: One each for North And South LATAM
  • Format: Online LATAM North & South
    • Eight Teams
    • Double-elimination event
  • Schedule:
    • North: Nov 15th-19th
    • South: Nov 22nd-26th

Geek Lounge VALORANT Invitational

  • Format: Online
  • Region: LATAM South
  • Number of Teams: Eight
  • Schedule:
    • First Stage: Nov 28th-Dec 1st
    • Final Stage: Dec 7th-9th
  • Where to Watch:

Ludwig x Tarik Invitational 2

The announcement has not yet revealed any information. Last year, the Ludwig x Tarik Invitational took place in January 2023, which means it might take in January 2024. This article will be updated with more information. 


Mineski VxV 2023

CEASE//FIRE All Star Showmatch

Asia Pacific Predator League Grand Finals

Red Bull Home Ground

The Red Bull Home Ground VALORANT OFF//SEASON event will take place in a Sumo Arena. It will certainly be a delight for fans to watch.


  • Location: Afreeca Colosseum (South Korea)
  • Date: Dec 5th-10th
    About: Afreeca TV will be hosting one of the biggest OFF//SEASON tournaments within the region and will invite 8 teams from 6 countries!
  • Where to Watch: 


Penta Pro Series - VALORANT | Season 2

VALORANT India Invitational 23

Official VCT OFF//SEASON Event 2023

  • Format: Online qualifiers with LAN at GMC Balayogi Sports Complex in India
  • Schedule: Sept 2nd & 3rd for the LAN
  • Where to Watch: 



  • Location: e-Create Space (Sazatuka, esports studio, Japan)
  • Date: Nov 18th
  • Students get a chance to compete against pro players

Japan Hype Up Tour JAPAN

  • Location: Osaka, Nagoya, Shibuya, Japan
  • Dates: Oct 2nd & 3rd, Nov 11th

The VALORANT Sensational Social Summer Shindig

The Liquid Open Powered by IMC

XP Esports

The Nerdpunt Invitational

  • Region: Oceania
  • Format: Online
  • Schedule:
    • Sept 15th-17th, 22nd-24th, 28th & 30th
    • Oct 1st, 27th, 28th & 29th (AEST)
  • Where to Watch:

VALORANT Game Changers OCE


Spike Nations - EMEA 

  • Format: Online & Offline Finals at Gamergy Madrid (Spain)
  • Schedule:
    • Online Phase: Oct 24th-Nov 16th
    • Offline Phase: Dec 16th & 17th
  • Six National teams 
  • Twitch: 


  • Format: Online qualifiers and LAN Playoffs in Cairo, Egypt
  • Schedule:
    • Online Phase: Nov 4th-10th
    • Offline Phase: Dec 6th-9th at the Cairo International Stadium
  • Backed by The Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Where to watch: 

Coupe De France

  • Format: Online
  • Schedule:
    • Sep 21st-Oct 1st


  • Format: Online
  • Schedule:
    • Qualifiers Season 1: Oct 2nd-27th
    • Playoffs Season 1: Oct 28th-29th
    • Qualifiers Season 2: Nov 1st-24th
    • Playoffs Season 2: Nov 25th-26th
    • Grand Final Lower Skill Group: Dec 9th-10th
    • Grand Final Upper Skill Group: Dec 16th-17th
  • Where to Watch: 

Crossfire x Mediamarkt e Intel

  • Format: Online qualifiers and Finals taking place at UBEAT Live, Barcelona
  • Schedule:
    • Contenders Tournament 1:Oct 2nd-8th
    • Contenders Tournament 2: Oct 9th-15th
    • The Contenders Tournament 3: Oct 16th-22nd
    • Contenders Tournament 4: Oct 23rd-29th
    • Finals (Groups): Nov 1st-4th
    • Playoffs: Nov 6th-12th
  • The final will be played in person on UBEAT Live (Barcelona)
  • Where to Watch:

Challengers DACH Arcade


  • Format: Online Group Stage & Offline Playoffs
  • Schedule:
    • Starting October
    • Playoff Finals Late November / Early December
  • The top 16 VRC (PROJECT V) and all 8 VCD teams will compete against each other with 8 additional teams in the mix.
  • A heated groupstage with 8 groups of 4 teams in total will decide which 16 teams make it into the KO-Playoffs
  • Where to Watch:

Challengers Portugal: Drift

  • Format:
    • Online Group Stage
    • Offline Playoffs
  • Schedule:
    • First stage (open qualifiers): TBD
    • Second stage: November 18th and 19th
    • Finals Date: November 25th and 26th (at Lisboa Games Week)
  • Where to Watch:

ESA Open Fire All Stars

These are all the VALORANT OFF//SEASON events. Riot Games will add more VALORANT OFF//SEASON events as the year progresses. We will keep you updated with all the latest information and help you catch up.

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