Here’s everything you need to know about the Valorant Night market.

Riot has confirmed the Valorant Night market will be making a return. Valorant players can get some amazing deals in the night market and an opportunity to get their favorite cosmetics for cheap. Everyone wants to buy those costly skins, but the prices are often the biggest obstacle. Enter the Night market.

When does the Night market return?

Riot Games has said the Valorant Night market will return on May 18, 2022. The market will remain open till the end of the month, giving players two weeks to get their favorite skins for a bargain, at least till May 31.

Riot’s announcement comes nearly a week before the official start of the Night market. The announcement gives players have a lot of time to prepare and get their wallets ready. 

What is the Valorant Night market?

The Valorant Night Market returns for Act 4 on May 18, 2022.
Valorant Night Market will give users a chance to get their favorite skins on discount.

Cosmetic skins in Valorant look amazing. However, they are often not cheap. The night market is an opportunity for Valorant players to get their hands on some skins for cheap. It is a rotating market that drops skins randomly in-game.

In the upcoming Night market, players will be able to buy at least two premium guns at a 50% discount. 

So does that mean you can choose which skins you want to buy? Well, wouldn’t that be just perfect. 

Valorant’s Night market is entirely random, which means if you are unlucky, you might just get several low-value skins. But with a big discount, there’s a decent chance you will get something good in the upcoming Night market.

The last Night market was on February 11 and since then, Riot has released several new bundles. While new bundles are most likely not going to be in rotation this time, one can only hope.

Riot Games recently released the Valorant 4.09 patch update that brings several changes to Chamber. The developers also gave us their thoughts on the role of Sentinels in Valorant. 

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