VCT comes to China!

VALORANT Masters is coming to China. VALORANT Shanghai Masters will be the second VCT Masters event next year and will celebrate the anniversary of the game's launch in China this year.

In an announcement video Leo Faria, the Global Head of VALORANT Esports announced the arrival of VCT to China.

We are very excited that VALORANT is finally available in China. Equally excited to welcome all of you to the VCT. From Day 1 we aspired to build a sport that’s truly global with teams, players and fans from all over the world

Leo Faria

Earlier this year, on July 12, VALORANT officially launched in China. Despite the nearly three-year wait, the excitement and enthusiasm of Chinese fans for VALORANT’s release has been unmatched. The game’s China release comes nearly three years after its debut in June 2020. 

VCT Masters Shanghai is the second International VALORANT event of 2024

Shanghai Masters will be the second VCT Masters event in 2024.
Shanghai Masters will be the second VCT Masters event in 2024.

Riot has not yet announced any dates for VALORANT Masters Shanghai. However, 2024 will feature three Masters-tier events as announced by Riot Games last year. The top teams from the Masters and regional events will qualify for VCT Champions 2024. VCT Masters Shanghai will be the second International event in 2024.

With Chinese teams starting to participate in our global events, including an amazing run by EDG at Masters Tokyo, we have seen how amazing and promising the community is in China. To show our appreciation and to celebrate the one-year anniversary of VALORANT in China next year, we are excited to bring Masters to Shanghai. 2024 will be a special year for VCT and we are happy to have all of you be a part of it with us.

Leo Faria

Fnatic won VCT Masters Tokyo which took place in June after a dominating victory over Evil Geniuses. The world’s best VALORANT teams will now head to VCT Champs in Los Angeles later this year. The $2.25 million dollar event marks the end of the ongoing esports season. 

Riot is fully owned by Tencent, who invested $400  million in 2011 for a 93% stake in the company. Tencent bought the remaining 7% in 2015 for an undisclosed sum. Riot has hosted League of Legends events in China before. However, this will be the first time they will host an international VALORANT tournament in the country. 

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