VALORANT Masters Madrid Showmatch: Results, highlights, and Agent reveal cover image

VALORANT Masters Madrid Showmatch: Results, highlights, and Agent reveal

The VALORANT Masters Madrid Showmatch brings our first look at the game’s newest Agent, pitting Team Spain vs. Team International.

VALORANT Masters Madrid has been the perfect international start to the year. We've seen plenty of incredible matches, and there has been one more added to the slate. Masters Madrid features a Showmatch prior to the Grand Final, focusing on the reveal of the game's newest Agent.

We've got you covered with a look at the Agent, participants in the Showmatch, and highlights of the contest.

VALORANT Masters Madrid Showmatch highlights and recap

The playoff schedule has the Showmatch starting the day on March 24 (Image via Riot Games)
The playoff schedule has the Showmatch starting the day on March 24 (Image via Riot Games)

There have been several international showmatches through VALORANT's short life thus far. It is an awesome way to showcase new additions to the game. We've seen showmatches on TDM when it was, new maps, and to focus on new Agents.

This one takes place in Spain, with Team Spain going up against a roster of international talent, aptly named Team International. The new Agent is in play, and they'll look to put together a fantastic match to start the Grand Final festivities.

Agent Reveal

We have gotten our first look at the newest VALORANT Agent, a Controller by the name of Clove. Immortality is the name of their game. They have several abilities that bend the reality of death and keep them in the action.

You can check out all of that in our full reveal and see Clove in action for the first time during the Showmatch!

Team Spain vs. Team International

Spanish stars will take on international talent in a VALORANT showcase (Image via Riot Games)
Spanish stars will take on international talent in a VALORANT showcase (Image via Riot Games)
Team Spain
Team International

The two teams will battle in a Showmatch before the VALORANT Masters Madrid Grand Final. Each team has one player using the new Agent, revealed just prior. When the showmatch starts, we'll have a recap and highlights for you here.

The Showmatch began with just a single map to play, on Ascent. Clove was in the hands of m1xwell and mimi, the pros on stage. The pistol round was a Flawless showing for Team Spain, as m1xwell impressed early on as the new Agent.

The second round was just as dominant, as Leviathan took down two with the KJ Nanoswarm, and m1xwell picked up the rest as Clove. Team Spain continued to roll through Team International in the VALORANT Masters Madrid Showmatch.

A popoff round by Fugu saw four kills in a Thrifty, which gave Team International their first. Our first look at Clove's Ultimate was near, but not necessary as m1well did not activate. It came the following round, but he did not manage a kill to stay resurrected.

Then mimi managed to activate the Ultimate, and was shut down quickly. The KJ Lockdown detained the final player on each team afterwards, and set Kyedae up for a massive clutch victory to keep Team International in it.

Another nice round by Kyedae brought Team International closer to Team Spain. Just down by one round, it was anyone's game. Unfortunately, a keybind snafu got a laugh out of the crowd and prevented Fugu from planting the Spike and kept Team Spain in the lead.

Then it was mimi with the first actual kill during Clove's Ultimate, only to taken out immediately after. Still, Team International got the round on a YJJ 3K Clutch to bring it close yet again. Soon enough, it was tied at five rounds each.

Back and forth the teams went, tying it up at six heading into halftime. Kyedae continued popping off for Team International as the sides switched. The crowd was packed and hyped, ready to see who'd take the victory.

A clutching 4K by m1xwell started the second half, putting Team Spain up with the pistol round. Of course, a Thrifty followed for Team International to once again tie the VCT Masters Madrid Showmatch.

A couple of huge rounds for Team Spain put them ahead, including a 4K by HITBOX. The team, on their home turf, looked to pull ahead. It was not long until they hit double digits, as Team International missed a Spike defusal by .02 seconds.

As Team Spain inched closer to victory, Team International continued to put up a fight. It was m1xwell who made sure that fight did not become round victories. The former G2 superstar, and current Team Heretics content creator, was just not missing his shots.

Team Spain reached map point, as the VCT Masters Madrid Showmatch came to a close. Awesome teamplay was shown by Spain on Ascent's A Site. One by one Team International fell, and a knife kill ended it all 13:8.

Congratulations to Team Spain! We hope you all enjoyed our coverage of the Showmatch and the first look at Clove in action.

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