VALORANT game director Andy Ho provides us with first Dev Diary of 2023 cover image

VALORANT game director Andy Ho provides us with first Dev Diary of 2023

New Agents, Maps, Modes and more are set to be coming to VALORANT in 2023 following on from today’s Dev Diary update.

The VALORANT development team at Riot Games have provided the community with an update today on what we can expect to see for 2023.

Everything we learned from the first 2023 VALORANT Dev Update

In the latest Look Ahead // Dev Diaries video, posted to the VALORANT Twitter and YouTube pages, the devs behind the fast growing FPS game took a moment to reflect on some of the things that we saw in 2022. With commentary provided by Anna Dolan, executive producer for VALORANT.

In the second half of the Dev Diary, VALORANT game director, Andy Ho, stated that they are looking at improving upon pre-existing meta game features. Primarily in regards to player toxicity and cheating within VALORANT. He also stated that the developers will be continuing with to build upon their Act-based structure. With new VALORANT agents, maps, and skins set to be coming our way. As well as looking at providing players with new ways to unlock rewards in-game. However, he did not go into too much detail regarding that topic.

Ho also said they will also be looking at bringing in a few new modes to the game. Including the much anticipated "Premier" and "Swift Play" modes which were briefly mentioned in 2022. With a particular emphasis on the Premier mode as they look to enhance the competitive experience within VALORANT. He also hinted at their being another new mode coming to the game. However it would seem that, that is a topic for another video. Although there has been some speculation from the community that we may be seeing Team Deathmatch added to the game this year.

While they did not go into much specifics regarding what we shall be seeing this year, it is clear that quite a bit is coming to VALORANT in 2023. But, for now, we shall be sitting with anxious anticipation for what should be another exciting year of VALORANT.