A hotfix for Mystbloom is in the works.

Riot Games announced on May 2 they're aware that several VALORANT skins are allowing players wallhack. The company temporarily disabled them while the developers work on a hotfix.

Riot Games disabled some levels on the following skins: Mystbloom, Magepunk 3, Imperium, and Primordium. This comes after several clips of VALORANT players using "legit" wallhack surfaced online this week after Episode 8 Act kicked off and the Mystbloom Bundle released.

How does the skin wallhack in VALORANT work?

The wallhack bug mostly occurs when players spectate the Mystbloom Sheriff or Operator weapons and they aim at an enemy who's behind a wall or barrier, according to VALORANT content creator Jonas "AverageJonas" Navarsete.

Although there are not a lot of videos of VALORANT players using this bug with other skins, Riot has disabled three other cosmetics thus far.

When are the skins coming back?

Riot should enable the Mystbloom once again soon as the developers will push out a hotfix for it later today. As for the Magepunk 3, Imperium, and Primordium, it's still unclear when they'll be enabled as the developers are still working on fixes for them.

Screenshot confirming that the skins won't return until the developers fix them (Image via esports.gg)
Screenshot confirming that the skins won't return until the developers fix them (Image via esports.gg)

The VALORANT community quickly dubbed the skins "pay-to-win" as only those who bought it could abuse the wallhack bug. All skins in the game should function only as a cosmetic and not give an unfair advantage to whoever buy them. VALORANT's lead producer for skins even apologized on X yesterday.

For now, it remains unknown whether Riot will punish or not any player who has abused the skin wallhack exploit in VALORANT. The publisher's terms of service doesn't mention anything about exploiting in-game bugs.

Though the players didn't resort to a third-party software to use hacks, they know wallhacking isn't acceptable in any competitive shooter, and could get some sort of punishment.

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