VALORANT Chromedek Bundle: Skins, accessories, and price cover image

VALORANT Chromedek Bundle: Skins, accessories, and price

Retro meets future as the VALORANT Chromedek bundle offers a collection of sleek silver weapon skins and a new melee variant.

Weapon skins are one of the most exciting aspects of VALORANT. Every day, you can go into your shop to see what older skins are featured, as well as what new bundle has arrived. Riot Games is constantly releasing collections for you to obtain, with one of the latest being the VALORANT Chromedek bundle.

It comes with a variety of weapons in a design that blends a retro feel with futuristic colors. Silver, hints of gold, and subtle lights placed upon each weapon drive that point home. It isn't the most anticipated bundle ever, but if you're looking to add some new skins to your arsenal, this one could be for you.

VALORANT Chromedek bundle skins and accessories

The VALORANT Chromedek bundle comes with four weapon skins and a melee variant:

  • Bulldog
  • Shorty
  • Phantom
  • Marshal
  • Chromedek Gauntlet (Melee)

If you wanted a little more, unfortunately that's it. There are no accessories, such as a Player Card, Spray, or Gun Buddy. And there are no variations or upgrades that change the color or provide flashy effects. If you were looking to waste some Radianite, the VALORANT Chromedek bundle isn't the one.

Bundle and individual item prices

Because it is missing accessories and has no Radianite upgrades, it comes on the cheaper side. That's relatively speaking, of course, compared to other bundles VALORANT has had. You can get it for 5,100 VALORANT points.

If you can't justify purchasing the full bundle, you can get each piece separately. Perhaps just one of the weapons has grabbed your attention? If that's the case, each individual weapon is 1,275 VP. Except for the Chromedek Gauntlet, which will cost you 2,550 VP.

When does the VALORANT Chromedek bundle leave the shop?

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

At the time of writing, the VALORANT Chromedek bundle is fairly new to the shop, but only has six days before it goes into the vault. This sets it up to leave the shop when it resets on December 6, 2023. That doesn't mean you won't see its items in your individual offers in the future or as a part of your Night.Market.

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