All teams qualified for VCT Champs Playoffs cover image

All teams qualified for VCT Champs Playoffs

These are the eight best teams in the VALORANT Season 2023. Does any team surprise you?

The VALORANT Champions, the final official VCT event for 2023 is currently underway in Los Angeles. The million-dollar event features the best teams from all over the world. After a competitive group stage, we have eight teams in the playoffs. Here are all the VALORANT Champs Playoffs teams.

Which teams have qualified for VCT Champs Playoffs?

The VCT Champs 2023 kicked off on August 6th with sixteen teams. The participating teams included a mix of teams from EMEA, NA, and Pacific. With the group stage coming to an end today, we now have eight VALORANT Champs Playoffs teams remaining at the event.

Group A

  • Paper Rex (2-0)
  • EDward Gaming (2-1)

Group B

  • Evil Geniuses (2-0)
  • FUT esports (2-1)

Group C

  • Fnatic (2-0)
  • Bilibili Gaming (2-1)

Group d

  • DRX (2-0)
  • LOUD (2-1)

How did the teams make it to the playoffs?

The tournament’s group stage featured a double-elimination GSL-style format. Teams needed to win at least two matches to qualify for the playoffs. Similarly, teams that lost two matches would find themselves out of the event. 

Evil Geniuses had a relatively strong start with a 2-0 against FunPlux Phoenix. They faced a struggle against FUT, when the EMEA team took them to overtime on Pearl. With qRaxs leading the FUT charge, Evil Geniuses barely managed to win on Pearl. 

Group D was basically one of the most competitive groups in the tournament. DRX faced off against LOUD in their inaugural match, a match that ideally would’ve been the best series of the event. One of the best teams from Pacific facing off against one of the best from Americas. The very first map went to overtime, and LOUD emerged victorious. However, DRX brought it back on the next two maps to take the lead in the group. DRX would then take down NAVI to secure their VALORANT Champs Playoffs teams berth.

Meanwhile, LOUD defeated Team Liquid and NAVI to secure their place as well. The rivalry from Group D will be heading into the playoffs, if both teams perform well.

Fnatic was the first team to qualify for the playoffs with a dominant 2-0 victory in Group C. The Boaster-led roster secured their series against Zeta Division and Bilibili Gaming to move forth. Paper Rex was the team that dominated Group A to secure its playoffs spot.

The second team to qualify from Group C was, surprisingly, Bilibili Gaming. Going up against NRG Gaming, it was a tough task for them, but they managed a 2-0 victory over FNS' and co.

Over in Group A, Paper Rex's chaotic order ensured they cruised through to a 2-0 victory in the group stage. The team faced off against KRU and EDG to win. However, the Chinese team would not be one to fall short. They fought their way through the decider match against GIANTS Gaming to secure their playoffs berth.

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