The community is already enamoured after Riot Games dropped the first look at VALORANT’s newest agent Fade, who will give “a more…intimate feeling when hunting down enemies.”

The official reveal of Fade, the newest agent coming to VALORANT, happened ahead of a lower-bracket match at the VCT Masters Rejkjavik 2022 in Iceland.

The newest agent was first mentioned in the March update of Riot Games’ State of the Agents dev report, although only briefly.

VALORANT Character Producer John Goscicki said: “This next Agent should give you a more…intimate feeling when hunting down enemies. Of course, there is our theme—but the thought of giving away too much frightens me so I’ll leave that out.”

A first look at VALORANT agent Fade:

VALORANT agent fade

What do we know about Fade?

In terms of Fade’s lore not much is known about VALORANT’s newest agent, but we do know something. Riot Games have left a few little lore hints around the Open Range that give us a little insight into Fade.

If you loading into the Open Range, go downstairs towards Brimstone’s office. Prepare to hear a screech.. (Screengrab by

To find them, simply go to the Open Range and descend the stairs towards Brimstone’s Office. On your way down you will hear a rather disturbing screech… which wasn’t there before. Also if you enter his office a rather disturbing debuff will be applied to you.

Brimstone's office - spooky effect connected to Fade?
Entering Brimstone’s office will get a bit spooky (Screengrab by

If you want to experience it again, changing agent won’t be enough, you’ll need to quit the match and reload in.

Brimstone email updare on Fade
Brimstone’s recent email talks of a “independent target” being detained. (Screengrab by

If you check Brimstone’s laptop, you will also see his most recent email talks of a “single, independent target” who was apprehended after proving to be a threat to security.

“She was apprehended last night thanks to the efforts of our strike team in Turkey, and is currently being detained,” says Brimstone in the email. Given the popularity of VALORANT in Turkey and leaks so far coming out around Fade, it seems the newest agent will be Turkish.

If you go past Brimstone’s office you’ll also be able to find the cell where Fade is being detained. Stay long enough and your ears will be blessed with more ominous screaming.

The dev’s comment that Fade will give players a “more intimate feeling when hunting down enemies”, makes more sense after the lore background. One thing is for sure, she is almost certainly going to be the polar opposite of the happy go lucky Neon, who was revealed back in January.

VALORANT agent Fade's Prison cell
You can find Fade’s prison cell next to Brimstone’s office in the Open Range (Screengrab by

What will VALORANT agent Fade actually do?

Riot Games will be debuting Fade official gameplay and cinematic debut on April 24th, the VCT Rejkjavik 2022 Grand Finals Day.

As usual there have been leaks surrounding Fade’s abilities. The leaks hint at Fade being able to severely hinder other agents abilities through trailing, dazing and deafening them. We will be sure to update you once everything is official.


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