VALORANT 7.0 patch notes: Deadlock, TDM, progression updates, and more cover image

VALORANT 7.0 patch notes: Deadlock, TDM, progression updates, and more

The VALORANT 7.0 patch notes deliver the news that Deadlock, Team Deathmatch, and the updated Progression System are set to arrive.

A brand-new Episode here, and with it comes the VALORANT 7.0 patch notes. Episode 7 is titled Evolution and truly looks to be changing the game as we know it. The new Episode brings in what we believe are the most important parts of this update. We'll see a new Agent, the introduction of Team Deathmatch, and the progress system changes. There are a handful of bug fixes we'll touch on as well.

VALORANT 7.0 patch notes highlights

The VALORANT 7.0 patch notes aren't the longest we have ever had from Riot Games, but the update is certainly one driving the anticipation of the community. It's always an exciting time when a new Agent, game mode, or other significant changes arrive in VALORANT.


Deadlock is the latest Sentinel Agent to join the first-person shooter's roster of Radiants. She has many trapping abilities that can slow down enemies, block their path, or completely neutralizing them for a short amount of time.

Read everything about Deadlock here:

Team Deathmatch

Riot Games teased Team Deathmatch for quite some time. Now, it's finally coming to VALORANT after an intense showmatch in the mode took place at VCT Masters Tokyo. The five-on-five mode has its own maps, ability usage timers, and much more.

You can read everything you need to know below:

Progression System

The Progression System might take a back seat to Deadlock and TDM in the VALORANT 7.0 patch notes, but it is a hefty update to the game. It brings in a new currency called Kingdom Credits, the accessory store with old Battlepass accessories to buy with those credits, and a new Agent Store.

Catch up on all of the Progression System additions:

VALORANT 7.0 patch bug fixes

What's mentioned above is definitely the meat of the VALORANT 7.0 patch notes. It doesn't end there, though. The update fixes a long list of bugs that have plagued players in past Acts. Here are the most notable fixes coming with the launch of Episode 7 Act 1:

  • Fixed an issue where the Spray Wheel was not appearing in-game when there was packet loss during your load in.
  • Fixed Chamber's Rendezvous, Yoru's Gatecrash, and Omen's From The Shadows to interrupt/cancel the teleport if Suppressed mid-animation.
  • Fixed framerate decrease issue when Reyna heals from Devour.
  • Fixed a bug where the Push-To-Talk key transmits voice even after being let go.

You can read the full VALORANT 7.0 patch notes on the game's official website.

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