There will be one Masters event next year in June. Berlin, Seoul and Los Angeles are the three host cities for 2023

Riot Games has announced details of VCT 2023 which will feature new tournaments and some familiar structures in Valorant esports. The Valorant Champions Tour will introduce a new structure with 30 teams in 3 new international Leagues.

What's the VCT 2023 schedule?

Riot has also announced details of VCT Challengers 2023, a way for lower tier players to qualify to the international system.

VCT 2023 Kickoff Tournament | Sao Paolo | Feb-Marh

Valorant esports 2023 will start with a bang. The biggest tournament in VCT history, called the Kickoff tournament, will take place in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The event will see all thirty participating teams in action starting February. With the best teams competing at this event, the stakes are also high.

“The VALORANT community’s passion inspired us to dream big and evolve the VALORANT Champions Tour to meet the overwhelming dema. In 2023, we’re taking everything we’ve learned, adding in new ideas and forming partnerships that will help us realize our dreams for the next edition of the VCT.”

nd we’re seeing in every corner of the world,” said Whalen Rozelle, COO, Esports at Riot Games.

The tournament winner will receive an invitation to the only Masters event of the year getting them one step closer to VCT Champs.

Valorant Esports 2023 to feature International League Split*

The first split will take place with weekly LAN events across each of the three regions. Here are the cities where these matches will take place for each region:

  • EMEA: Berlin
  • Americas: Los Angeles
  • Pacific: Seoul

Three League champions will emerge in May 2023, and they will receive an invitation to VCT Masters that kicks off in June.

Note: 2023 will feature just one international split. However, there will be two international splits 2024 onwards.

VCT Masters 2023: May - June 2023

Next year's schedule features an international circuit and a challengers circuit.
Next year's schedule features an international circuit and a challengers circuit.

2023 will have just one Masters event and the top teams from each region at Masters will receive a direct qualification to VCT Champs in August. Other teams will still have an opportunity to qualify for Champs via the Last Chance qualifiers (LCQ) in July.

Each region will have their own LCQ where all the teams that could not make it through to Champs will be competing against each other. This is the final opportunity for Valorant partner teams to make it to Champs in 2023. One team from each region will make it through the competition is bound to be intense.

The VCT Champions 2023 will take place through August-September, following a similar schedule as 2022. The tournament will feature the best teams from all three regions and will crown one team as THE Champion. VCT Champions 2023 is the pinnacle of Valorant esports and every Valorant partnered team will be yearning to lift that trophy.

VCT Challenger 2023 details

Riot has also detailed out plans for the Challenger circuit that will be a path to pro for aspiring players. The best teams from more than twenty different challenger leagues will compete in the two Challenger splits in the annual calendar.

The VCT Challengers 2023 leagues will lead up to the Ascension tournament that provides players an opportunity to rise up to tier 1 Valorant in the VCT. The winners of the Ascension tournament will qualify for 2024's international league.