Ticking Away by Grabbitz feat. bbno$ revealed as VCT Anthem for VALORANT Champions 2023 cover image

Ticking Away by Grabbitz feat. bbno$ revealed as VCT Anthem for VALORANT Champions 2023

Ticking Away is the VCT Anthem, the song that culminates the 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour, performed by Grabbitz feat. bbno$.

We have our VALORANT Champions 2023 song, everyone! Ever since Riot Games introduced Die For You, fans of the first-person shooter have waited rather impatiently every year to hear the VCT Anthem. Well, wait no further as the VCT Anthem for 2023 is another banger by Grabbitz, who has teamed up with Riot and another artist once more.

Ticking Away, performed by Grabbitz featuring bbno$, was revealed on July 31. The song itself is available through many Digital Service Providers. And the official music video, released on the same day the song becomes available, showcases VALORANT's top Agents, with a heavy focus on Gekko, as they prepare for the 2023 championship tournament.

Grabbitz returns, in collaboration with bbno$, for the 2023 VCT Anthem Ticking Away

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

On Monday, July 31, Ticking Away reveals itself to the VALORANT universe. It is a fusion of pulsating electronic beats and rock. This marks the third time Grabbitz has collaborated on a VCT Anthem. His first venture into the FPS saw Die For You reach over 60 million views on YouTube and 80 million plays on Spotify.

As VALORANT Champions 2023 arrives, on-site and online spectators can expect to see the song performed live. Grabbitz and bbno$ are scheduled to showcase Ticking Away live in the Opening Ceremony on August 26. This continues the tradition of spectacular live openings to the biggest VALORANT tournament of the year.

And following that performance will be two other live renditions. You'll see ericdoa's Greater Than One and Emei and Jazz Alonso debut a new surprise track produced by ARB4. This will kick off the Grand Final day of Champions 2023 where two teams will determine the year's best VALORANT squad.

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