John Gosciki, Agent Lead at Riot game announced there will be three new VALORANT Agents in 2023, and dropped a hint about Agent 22.

VALORANT launched with ten Agents and now we're at 20 playable ones already. John "MEMEMEMEME" Gosciki, Agent Lead at Riot Games, announced that three new Agents were slated for release in 2023. He also provided insights into what exactly 2023 has in store for players of the game in the latest State of the Agents update which was uploaded on Twitter.

New Initiator, Sentinel Agents confirmed in 2023

Last year, Agent 21 -- Varun "Harbor" Batra -- joined the VALORANT protocol. He is already seeing a great deal of love in professional competition, as evidenced by his pick rate at VCT LOCK//IN. However, since his release, VALORANT has not seen any announcements about new Agents. Until now, that is.

According to the video, the VALORANT community can expect a total of three new agents this year. Gosciki confirmed that one of them will be an Initiator, while another is a Sentinel. However, he would not reveal what class the third Agent belongs to, hinting at a possible new class of Agent.

In the video, there was also a teaser image for the new Agent. While there is no official release date, going by how Riot usually releases new Agents, the mysterious Agent should be making an appearance in Episode 6 Act 3, which should be starting off sometime in April.

The teaser for agent 22, courtesy Riot Games.
The teaser for agent 22, courtesy Riot Games.

According to the popular VALORANT leaks website ValorLeaks, one of the new Agents--currently in development--is codenamed "SmokeDancer." Going by what Gosciki said and the name, the new Agent might be able to counter smoker Agents and abilities that are blocking lines of sight.

Gosciki also mentioned they've found a good balance between adding new agents and keeping the game fresh. With Agent 22 on the horizon, the community is definitely keeping its eyes peeled.

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