Check out the latest results from the EMEA match. Will the French prevail or will it be the Spanish?

Team Vitality vs KOI, France vs Spain, this is a matchup that had fans on the edge of their seats during super week.

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Team VitalityKOISplit (13-9)Fracture (15-13)Lotus2-0

KOI vs Vitality

This matchup is not only iconic because of the two orgs facing off. But also because these two teams are on a fairly even level and are two teams with high ceilings come into this super week.

From the KOI side of things, this was a team that wasn’t expected to be as good as they are. Already on one win, KOI clearly have high ceilings that are two of the best teams in the league and teams to be excited about. As part of KOI they picked up former GAMBIT player in Sheydos who has shown incredible strength throughout LOCK//IN and while he was on GAMBIT.

KOI vs Team Vitality - Image via VALORANT EMEA
KOI vs Team Vitality - Image via VALORANT EMEA

As for Vitality, they have shown incredible discipline already in the competition and have frequently had a strong read on their opponents. Their reads have been incredibly accurate and strong with taking down other teams, so to face off a team who is very level-footed to them is exciting for fans. Yinsu in particular set the scene for this matchup, stating she hoped her colleagues on the desk don’t have dinner plans. This is one match no one wants to miss.

Map 1 – Split

Vitality came out swinging as they took away the pistol round with ease and then cleaned up by taking the second round. But despite trying to get ahead early, KOI wouldn’t let them have it all their way and came back to take rounds off Vitality as fast as possible. Which they had achieved with quick success by the time it was round six. Wolfen on KOI scooped up four kills with ease, finishing off Vitality when they had an opportunity in at round seven (KDA of 12/5/0). At round nine, with a handful of seconds left, Vitality swung back out to attempt to close the gap and catch up on the gap that KOI had stretched. Vitality continued to try and play catch up to halftime, where KOI’s three-round gap dipped to two as Vitality leveled it out for half time.

The Vitality comeback incoming? - Image via VALORANT EMEA
The Vitality comeback incoming? - Image via VALORANT EMEA

For the second half of the map, Vitality knew they had to get ahead and came out to do just that. They secured the pistol round for themselves with ease yet again and continued to push KOI back. KOI did their best to keep the score level, sometimes pulling ahead making it a tight map and having fans expect overtime. Koldamenta was pulling out incredible kills, especially with Sheydos beside him.

But the opportunities were slowly slipping through their hands as Vitality steamed on ahead, to pull ahead to 11-8 to Vitality. KOI managed to pull back a round but where then slowed straight back down by Vitality pushing forward to match point. Despite having started off behind, Vitality pull it back to secure map 1.

Map 2 - Fracture

Map 2 kicked off in style as a map of high expectations, especially on the KOI side of things as no one had seen KOI play fracture. The map choice by KOI held big expectations but it was Vitality who secured the pistol round and then fell behind while KOI powered on through. But Vitality kept the score line tight all the way up to half time especially when you consider that Vitality had started fracture 3-1 down.

KOI came ready to show their best and Trexx did not disappoint as he secured double kills, but that didn’t stop Vitality from denying round wins and claiming them for themselves. It was tight for fans on both sides, but despite this being KOI’s map choice, Vitality forced on through to get ahead of KOI. With halftime coming up Vitality continued to power on through, creating a lead for themselves, well aware that they could finish the series with this map.

Vitality climb up from behind against KOI on fracture - Image via VALORANT EMEA
Vitality climb up from behind against KOI on fracture - Image via VALORANT EMEA

The second half of the map was kept tight by both teams as they fought to push through. While Vitality had created a lead it was lost soon after as Trexx burst back out onto the map not willing to let the map slip through their fingers. KOI kept fighting as Sheydos secured his rolling thunder and Trexx guaranteed a defuse to not give Vitality any wriggle room onto site.

KOI reached matchpoint 10-12 for them, but Vitality kept on pushing to stop the match from ending and balance the score out to 11-12. Vitality forced overtime and despite KOI's best efforts to close out numerous times, they couldn't. So Vitality did.

With this victory, Vitality now lead the table with two victories. KOI on the other hand will have to be content with a 1-1 score and are currently ranked 6th. Ofcourse, the League still has a ways to go and teams can have drastically different placements towards the end of the League.

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