Team Liquid and FUT faced off to see what TL could bring against the Turkish team who took no prisoners.

With another day of EMEA VALORANT, the matchup of Team Liquid vs FUT promised a banger match. While FUT won their inaugural match against Team Heretics, Liquid were not so fortunate. Team Liquid were 0-1 before this match having lost their opener to Vitality.

VCT EMEA: Team Liquid vs FUT results

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Team LiquidFUTLotus (10-13)Split (13-6)Ascent (13-6)2-1

Team Liquid vs FUT esports

Despite being a win, Team Liquid’s previous series against NAVI had been an uncomfortable watch. As Liquid on Haven had seen them have to adapt mid game. Although TL had been incredibly dominant early on in that series, this series was a must-win, they needed a win from across super week to show that this new team could take the title in EMEA. Enabling Sayf had saved them in many ways, and many fans were expecting this same level from Sayf as fans had welcomed his improvements since LOCK//IN.

For FUT they had already shown up well on stage, and were ready to contend on every level. As part of this super week, they didn’t necessarily need a win in the same way that TL does, and because of this fans were excited to see what they could produce. For fans of the Turkish team, FUT had been going from strength to strength and were showing up but for fans of TL, well the last pick of Ascent against such a strong team was slightly nerve-wracking.

Map 1 – Lotus

Despite being known for being one of FUT’s strongest maps, especially on attack, it wasn’t the lead FUT would’ve wanted. Although FUT took several rounds in quick succession, Liquid was able to build back in with lurks and careful control. For FUT, they finished halftime with a two-round lead over Liquid and some pop-off plays but Liquid wasn’t going down so easily. Redgar and Sayf from Liquid both secured some much-needed kills for Liquid but also outplayed FUT in their home territory. For FUT fans it was getting uncomfortable on their strongest map. But for Liquid fans, this was exactly what everyone had wanted to see – to see an insight into the ceiling for such a star-studded roster. FUT needed to pull the close lead further away if they planned to secure the series for themselves.

TL vs FUT on Lotus, an early lead for FUT but TL kept it tight - Image via VALORANT EMEA
TL vs FUT on Lotus, an early lead for FUT but TL kept it tight - Image via VALORANT EMEA

Although for the second half, it once again kicked off in FUT’s favour, this didn’t last. So while FUT kept pushing back hard, Liquid pushed back harder. Sayf and Redgar once again carried Liquid through with precise shots, to claim multiple pop off kills.

While Jamppi was happy to chase FUT off the site and show that Liquid was very much on form and were going to be at the top of the EMEA table one way or another.

As the map was drawing to a close it was getting tight for both sides, Liquid kept fighting while FUT attempted to pull back any win possible. Bring the scoreline 10-10 heading towards overtime, but FUT weren't willing to have people question their ability on this map and finalised Lotus with a scoreline of 10-13.

Map 2 - Split

After claiming the first map FUT headed into map two with a renewed confidence in their abilities, not only claiming the pistol. No that wasn’t enough, FUT went ahead and claimed the first four rounds, taking possible wins from Liquid in the final seconds. If there was ever a team to fear against such a starstudded roster of Liquid, then the Turkish team FUT Esports is it.

But Liquid knew they had a lot to prove, having lost Lotus in a close map and pulled bag Split in order to secure rounds for themselves. Liquid bought it to equal before surging ahead to finish round 12 with a 5-7 scoreline heading into the second half. There was no doubt for fans, Liquid has activated and is ready to take everything they can.

Half time in Map 2 for Team Liquid vs FUT Esports - Image via VALORANT EMEA
Half time in Map 2 for Team Liquid vs FUT Esports - Image via VALORANT EMEA

With a tight first half completed, Liquid pushed ahead to take the pistol round with clean awareness from nAts. FUT did everything in their power to take rounds off Liquid, but Liquid was simply too clean as they headed towards matchpoint with certainty and the standard we have come to expect. Liquid created a six-round lead over FUT in the second half while Sayf took numerous headshots and soulcas took four kills across a round decimating FUT. The 12-6 scoreline by Liquid with Sayf running around the map, took Map 2 with ease.

Map 3 - Ascent

Team Liquid come out swinging onto map 3, with everything on line and for Liquid – everything still to prove. Liquid claimed the pistol followed by several rounds following, FUT were playing catch-up for much of the first half. Sayf was on a whole other level as he claimed multiple sets of four kills across multiple rounds. Sadly no ace, but Sayf showed just why he is such an incredible talent in VALORANT. FUT managed to close the gap that Liquid had created early on, getting the scoreline to 6-6 for FUT as half time rolled in. FUT managed to secure an ace with the evening of the scoreline before the second half. But it didn't matter as Liquid took away any possibility of FUT getting back into it and Liquid finished the series in a decisive manner.

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