Team Liquid continue to ride their newfound momentum since VCT Masters Reykjavik loss.

Team Liquid takes down LATAM’s KRU Esports at VCT Champions 2021 after dominating performances from L1nk and newcomer Nivera.

TL L1nk’s Ace clutch building momentum on Haven

In their opening game on Haven, the two teams battled for dominance at first. While Team liquid took the first two rounds, KRU bounced back by taking three rounds for themselves. But the game broke open after Liquid’s L1nk secured an ace in round six, and ScreaM secured a triple kill in the following round.

Team Liquid rode this momentum throughout the remainder of their defending side, ending the first half of Haven 8-4. This momentum continued into the second half. Here, Team Liquid took the first four rounds. And while KRU was able to bounce back with a singular round, Team Liquid eventually closed it out 13-5. 

L1nk was instrumental in Team Liquid’s momentous turnaround against KRU.

KRU showing more resilience in second half of Ascent

On Ascent, Team Liquid continued their momentum from Haven, taking a commanding 9-3 lead in the first half. After such a dominant first half, things looked prime for Liquid to end their deciding map on a strong note. However, things did not end up going that way on Ascent. Instead, KRU put up a very formidable fight . After Team Liquid won the opening pistol, KRU clawed their way back to grab four consecutive rounds. It was not until Team Liquid stole an eco round off of KRU that the EMEA fourth seed was able to close out their first series at VCT Champions 2021.

BERLIN, GERMANY – SEPTEMBER 16: Team KRU Esports poses on stage after a victory at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters on September 16, 2021 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games)

Team Liquid Streak Continues

 Team Liquid is still finding a way to maintain top form at VCT Champions. Even after Covid complications with star player Nivera, they continue to show exactly why they are a dark horse to contend for the VCT Championship. 

Now, Team Liquid will face Sentinels on December 6th at 8 am in an NA vs EU matchup. The winner of which, will enter the quarterfinals as the 1st seed from Group B. KRU Esports will fight for their tournament lives in the elimination match on December 5th at 12est.

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