It’s China vs EMEA!

VALORANT Masters Shanghai is on in full swing and the final match of the day is Team Heretics vs Dragon Ranger Gaming. Here’s all you need to know about Team Heretics vs Dragon Ranger Gaming including the team rosters, broadcast link and live score.

Team Heretics vs Dragon Ranger Gaming Live score

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Team HereticsDRGIcebox (13-5)Sunset (13-5)Split2-0

What to expect from this match?

Team Heretics finished second in the VCT Stage 1 just behind Fnatic. The team's performance through the League stage saw them improve as the event went on. Ultimately they ended with a 2-3 loss to Fnatic, in what was one of the most exciting Grand Finals of all time.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ranger Gaming came in 3rd in the Chinese region losing to EDG. Dragon Ranger Gaming brought in Tang "TZH" Zhehao earlier this year and has been formulating its gameplay and strategies accordingly. While the team still has some ways to go in terms of synergy, they have been quite creative in their approach to the game.

This match will depend on this creativity and what DRG brings to the table. If they are able to counter Team Heretics gameplay, they can potentially pose a threat to the opponents. However, if they are unable to surprise Heretics with their creativity, then it might be an easy walkthrough for Heretics.

VALORANT rosters

Here are the VALORANT rosters for both the teams:

Team Heretics

  • Ričardas "Boo" Lukaševičius
  • Benjy "benjyfishy" Fish 
  • Dominykas "MiniBoo" Lukaševičius
  • Enes "RieNs" Ecirli
  • Mert "Wo0t" Alkan
  • Patryk "paTiTek" Fabrowsk

Dragon Ranger Gaming

  • Chen "TvirusLuke" Chen-Ching
  • Shao "Nicc" Yi-chn
  • Ilya "vo0kashu" Ushakov
  • Tang "TZH" Zhehao
  • Zhang "Shion7" Haoze

Where can you watch Team HEretics vs Dragon Ranger Gaming?

The match will broadcast live on Twitch. We have also embedded the stream below for your convenience.

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