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Slay Ride Gun buddy released ahead of Christmas cover image

Slay Ride Gun buddy released ahead of Christmas


Are you ready for the Christmas holiday? Riot Games certainly is — after releasing their Slay Ride Gun buddy.

Just five days after the release of the Pocket Sage buddy in conjunction with Xbox, Riot Games ups their game by announcing the release of another "free" buddy. The Slay Ride Gun buddy is in-theme with the upcoming Christmas celebrations, partnered with Prime Gaming. Here's how to claim the free buddy if you have Prime Gaming.
Since the launch of Valorant into the world on June 2, 2020, 19 agents have been released and along with that, 286 gun buddies have been released to the public. These include buddies from unlocking agent levels, the battle pass, in-game events, skin bundles, artist collaborations or even major Riot events.
Out of the 286 gun buddies, there are a total of approximately six snowy or winter-themed buddies. The Slay Ride Gun buddy is the fourteenth buddy released in conjunction with Prime Gaming.

How to get the Slay Ride Gun buddy

  • Go to Prime Gaming and sign in.
  • You should receive an "in-game content" prompt that shows the the new buddy.
  • If you do not have an existing Prime Gaming subscription, you're welcome to subscribe for the 30-day free trial or a one-month subscription.
  • You will then be redirected to log in with your Riot Games account.
  • After doing so, your Riot Games and Prime Gaming accounts will be linked.
After following these steps, you should receive the Slay Ride Gun buddy in your Valorant account.
Slay Ride buddy screenshot. Image via Riot Games.
Slay Ride buddy screenshot. Image via Riot Games.

What is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming comes with every Amazon Prime membership. It is a subscription that enhances your gaming experience and provides a variety of benefits, including in-game content such as the Slay Ride Gun buddy in Valorant, free games and a free monthly Twitch subscription. If you are passionate about gaming and watching Twitch streams, Prime Gaming is the perfect subscription for you.

How long is the Slay Ride Gun buddy available for?

It will be available for the month of December for Amazon Prime account holders.
Stay tuned to for the latest Valorant news and updates.
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