Shopify Rebellion vs EDward Gaming VCT Game Changers Championship 2023: SR trounces EDG with record breaking speed cover image

Shopify Rebellion vs EDward Gaming VCT Game Changers Championship 2023: SR trounces EDG with record breaking speed

How will a weakend EDG fair against fan-favorites Shopify Rebellion at Game Changers Champions 2023?

It's Shopify Rebellion vs Chao Hui EDward Gaming to kick things off on Day 2 of the VCT Game Changers Championship in Sao Paulo.

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Shopify Rebellion (SR)
Chao Hui EDward Gaming (EDG)
Haven (13 - 1)
Sunset (13 - 2)
(2 - 0)
Live scores for Shopify Rebellion vs Chao Hui EDward Gaming VCT Game Changers Championship 2023

New-look Shopify Rebellion faces a weakened EDG in Sao Paulo

The newly revamped Shopify Rebellion will be facing off against China's Chao Hui EDward Gaming in their opening match of Game Changers champs in Sao Paulo. Though the roster now find themselves playing under a different banner after some bizarre circumstances, they remain one of the strongest teams at this year's tournament, despite being the number 2 seed from North America.

Much of the attention will likely fall on their main duelist florescent, who's high-frag output has been amongst the best in the world this season; boasting a 1.62 average K/D and a 297.8 ACS across the Game Changers NA Series 3. There are also likely to be plenty of eyes on their IGL meL who's shot-calling has earned her considerable amounts of praise from across the VALORANT community. But will those skills be enough to see them past their opponents today?

EDG have had a relatively easy season, as they secured the top spot in Game Changers East Asia without much fuss. However, they were dealt a big blow heading into Sao Paulo with their star duelist Lizhi pulling herself out of the competition due to health related issues. Leaving their substitute player Blue fill in for her. And they are big shoes to fill as Lizhi was regularly at the top of the score board with her high frag output, with an average K/D of 1.48 throughout Game Changers East Asia; the second highest in the competition behind her teammate Yusin. We shall see just how much of an impact that will ultimately have on EDG' in this tournament's prospects at Game Changers champs as the teams square off. Nevertheless this should be a match full of action.

Shopify Rebellion VALORANT Roster:

  • Melanie "meL" Capone (IGL)
  • Ava "florescent" Eugene
  • Sarah "sarahcat" Simpson
  • Nicole "Noia" Tierce
  • Alexis "alexis" Guarrasi

Chao Hui EDward Gaming VALORAN

  • Lee "Wawalee" Yi-chen (IGN)
  • Wang "Clem" Ke-ching
  • Huang "XiMilu" Hsi-chen
  • Wang "Yusin" Chi-yun
  • "Blue"

Shopify Rebellion take EDG to school on Haven

We begin the match with a trip to Haven, curtesy of Shopify Rebellion. The NA side opt to use a slight variation of their usual double-controller composition as meL goes with Omen instead of her usual Harbor pick. EDward Gaming go with a double-initiator team comp.

Shopify Rebellion secured the opening pistol round with ease, which they followed up by taking their anti-eco and bonus rounds. From then on the map was nothing short of a massacre, as EDG struggled to find a way to break SR's solid defensive setups. Which allowed for Noia and Florescent to have their way with the Chinese side. EDG were able to secure a round win on their attack side, but it did little to trouble the North American side as they continued to rack up kills.

Shopify Rebellion took an 11 - 1 lead into the second half, leaving EDG with a mountain to climb on their defense. However, that task proved to be an impossible one as Shopify Rebellion made short work of them in the second pistol round as well as in the succeeding anti-eco to hand EDG a 13 - 1 loss on Haven. A win that saw Shopify Rebellion break the record for the fastest map win in an international Game Changers match at 31 minutes and 22 seconds.

Noia steals the show on Sunset

After finding themselves on the receiving end of a record breaking performance from Shopify Rebellion, EDward Gaming bring us over to Sunset in an attempt to claw their way back in this series. And we find ourselves treated to a mirror matchup in terms of the team compositions, with both sides going with a double-initiator, cypher setup.

Florescent nets a 4k to secure the opening pistol round of Sunset for Shopify Rebellion. And they make quick work of them across the succeeding three rounds as Noia and Florescent continue their high-fragging antics from map 1. The lead only continues to grow for Shopify Rebellion as they are able to effortlessly rip through EDG's defensive setups. The Chinese side are able to get a couple of round wins on the board, one more than they did on Haven. But Shopify Rebellion remain in full control of the map as they take a 10 - 2 lead into halftime.

Shopify Rebellion take the second pistol round off the back of a 4k from Noia as they draw closer to closing out the match. EDG tried their best to make things competitive. But unfortunately they simply found themselves up against an unstoppable force as Shopify Rebellion continued their dominant showing on defense. And with a one last highlight reel display from Noia, the North American side were able to close out Sunset 13 - 2 and secure a well-earned 2 - 0 series win.

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