Riot Games suspended Sentinels’ star player one day before the start of the VCT NA Masters. Handicapped, Sentinels brought in a last-minute replacement to dominate the tournament and pocket the cash prize.

Lightning doesn’t strike twice. Sentinels struck down FaZe Clan’s hopes of claiming the title of the best VALORANT team in North America, Sentinels swept FaZe Clan 3-0 in the grand finals, the second clean sweep victory over three days.

The VALORANT Championship Tour North American Masters saw eight North American teams compete for the title. The tournament used a double-elimination format with $150,000 up for grabs. 

After a grueling ten days of gameplay, Sentinels has emerged as the champions of the tournament. Sentinels takes home $60,000 prize money while the runners-up, FaZe Clan have to contend with $30,000.

Sentinels defeat FaZe 3-0 in VCT NA Masters grand finals

The Sentinels VALORANT team was shrouded in controversy before the start of the tournament. Former Overwatch league superstar, Jay "sinatraa" Won was accused of sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend. The twitlonger post also included screenshots of private chat messages in addition to an audio-clip which many consider damning evidence in support of the claims.

When Riot Games, rightfully suspended Sinatra pending investigations, Sentinels’ chances looked bleak at VCT NA Masters. The team quickly brought in former CS:GO player, Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, as a stand-in.

<em>Tenz stood in for Sentinels after sexual abuse allegations against Sinatra. Image Credit: </em><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow"><em>ESL</em></a><em>. </em>
Tenz stood in for Sentinels after sexual abuse allegations against Sinatra. Image Credit: ESL

Sentinels lost just one map in the entire tournament, against Luminosity Gaming. The opening match propelled Sentinels to find its form. The team won 2-0 against 100Thieves, followed it up with a clean sweep over FaZe Clan in the upper bracket final. 

FaZe Clan and Sentinels faced each other again in the grand finals. FaZe started strong on Ascent with a 5-1 lead. But Sentinels found its footing and brought the map back to win 13-11. The first map was relatively close, but Sentinels had all the momentum moving forward. 

The two teams had a close early-game on Bind. But Sentinels pulled ahead and eventually won the map. Haven was a walkover for Sentinels as they defeated FaZe 13-4. 

What is the Sentinels’ VALORANT roster?

After a dominating performance at the VCT NA Masters, VALORANT fans are eagerly awaiting roster news from Sentinels. Tenz was a stand-in for the team and already Sentinels’ VALORANT roster looks to be the best in North America.

With Sinatra suspended due to pending investigations, Sentinels might have to make a roster change. The current roster featuring 19-year-old Tenz seems to be in great form, especially after its recent victory. 

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Featured Image Credit: Sentinels.