After rumors of a verbal agreement, Sentinels have announced the official signing of Mouhamed “johnqt” Ouarid.

The roster shakeups continue for the approaching 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour season. One of the more recent, and perhaps most impactful moves for Americas involves the ever-popular Sentinels organization. Their 2023 year definitely could have been better, and now they hope for a more successful 2024 after adding former M80 in-game leader Mouhamed "johnqt" Ouarid.

johnqt bolsters Sentinels VALORANT roster as new IGL

The announcement of johnqt as Sentinels VALORANT IGL is now official (Image via Sentinels on X)
The announcement of johnqt as Sentinels VALORANT IGL is now official (Image via Sentinels on X)

Sentinels lost their dedicated IGL very early into the 2023 regular season. They had players to take up the role, but now it is once again filled by someone with top notch IGL experience. And even better for them, johnqt reunites with his head coach from Ghost Gaming, Adam "kaplan" Kaplan.

On that Ghost Gaming team, they won multiple Knights and NSG tournaments together. They also showed resiliency against some of NA's best in Challengers. Eventually, they had to go their separate ways.

M80 then picked up johnqt and company. He, as the in-game leader, helped them to an incredible 2023 NA Challengers season. M80 had just two losses throughout in its entirety before losing their first game of VCT Americas Ascension.

Two more losses plagued johnqt and M80 against The Guard. Despite a valiant lower bracket run, they came up short as the runners-up of Ascension. That left their future up in the air. At least now johnqt's future is certain as the 2024 IGL of Sentinels.

The rest of Sentinels can be considered a question mark, though, with the exception of TenZ who signed an extension. Who else will johnqt lead into battle when VCT Americas 2024 kicks off? We'll probably know sooner rather than later.

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