Sacy wanted to get out of comfort zone by going to Sentinels cover image

Sacy wanted to get out of comfort zone by going to Sentinels

A Champions winner in 2022, the Brazilian looks for new challenges in 2023.

The Brazilian Initiator, Gustavo "Sacy" Rossi, had an amazing 2022. With LOUD, he was the Champions winner and also reached the Masters Reykjavík finals. Not many expected Sacy to transfer to another organization after such a performance by the Brazilian team.

And yet, that's exactly what happened. Alongside Bryan "pANcada" Luna, Sacy went to Sentinels to play in the franchise league of the Americas. In an interview with, he talked about the change and how he's adapted so far.

Sacy bets on himself

A complete change of scenery is nothing new for Sacy. Until 2020, he was a tried-and-true League of Legends player. But, with the arrival of the pro scene in VALORANT he decided to change everything and try a new path. For him, this transfer to Sentinels only highlights something he showed throughout his life.

"It was getting out of my comfort zone, but I'll be honest, I think my story is based on that, my career is about that, right? Get out of your comfort zone," he said. "Wanting new challenges, and I think this was just one more. So it's a process that is far from finished yet. It is a process that is still rolling. That transition."

He also points out what is lacking right now:f A need to adapt to his new team and city. Part of his life was still stuck in Brazil: "I've felt very comfortable right from the start. But I need my life to be there (Los Angeles). So that's the next goal."

Sacy and Sentinels: New culture, new life

Sacy had to move his life sooner than expected to Los Angeles. In another country, the Brazilian got to know a different culture from the one he knew. According to him, this was one of the easiest parts of the adaptation so far.

"We are in a completely different culture. Adapting to everyday life is very easy so far. I'm enjoying it there (Los Angeles). Also, it's a wonderful country. Los Angeles is a very good city to live and this has surprised me a lot."

Sacy is already getting used to the city, but he said that helped him to think that soon all Brazilian and Latam teams of the franchise league will come to Los Angeles. He believes that will make everything even easier to get through.

"I'm just waiting for them (Brazilians) to arrive to welcome general with open arms too. Not only Brazilians, but Latam people, right? So, it will be good to got everyone together, so I think that actually made me more comfortable moving here in the first place."

Adaptation; A work in progress

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

It's only natural that a team will need time to adapt when a new roster comes together. For Sacy and pANcada this means they have to communicate in a whole new language. However, his new teammates are helping through the way.

"The first week was weird, I'm not gonna lie. The first week was picking up map positions, you know? Some more basic things that we didn't know, in terms of language, but we were fast. I think the guys also helped a lot, they are very assertive."

Even if the result in LOCK//IN São Paulo weren't ideal, he shared something that changes are already happening towards making the best of his new situation and acclimating to a new environment.

"Normally, when just the two of us (pANcada) are alive, we usually communicate in Portuguese. But in this match, caught in the flow, we forget that? We're kind of speaking English to each other and then we realize and we go 'hey man, you can speak Portuguese, that's me'."

Sacy and Sentinels now wait for the beginning of the franchise league in America. It's a whole new world for one and all.

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