Saadhak will stay on LOUD for another two years.

After a period of uncertainty over his future, Matias ‘Saadhak’ Delipetro has revealed he has re-signed with LOUD. The news comes after just a few days as a free agent for the 26-year-old In-Game leader.

Saadhak is a name synonymous with LOUD for many VALORANT fans. The In-Game Leader has been critical for the team’s success and has been a big reason for LOUD’s success. So when the news of him leaving LOUD and entering the free agency became public a few days ago, it came as a big surprise for many. 

Saadhak signs with LOUD for next season

The player has now announced he’s back with LOUD and undoubtedly going to shake things up in the upcoming season.

The player has signed a two-year contract with LOUD. This means he will remain with the Brazilian organization till the end of 2025. 

For LOUD fans, this comes as a welcome announcement, as Saadhak’s departure would’ve been a drastic change. 

Saadhak joined LOUD earlier last year in February. Under the leadership of the Argentinian player, LOUD won VCT Champs 2022. Despite quite a few roster changes last year, the team continued its impressive performance. LOUD came second at VCT LOCK//IN and topped the Americas League. At the recently concluded, VCT Champs Los Angeles, LOUD came in third losing to the eventual Champions in Evil Geniuses. 

VALORANT OFF//SEASON full of roster changes

The VALORANT esports scene is currently in its OFF//SEASON. With VALORANT teams busy negotiating player and coach contracts, Riot has ensured there’s not a complete stop to esports events. At least 40 OFF//SEASON events are already planned, with more announcements to come. 

The VALORANT esports scene next year will see a slightly different format. Key among the differences is a prolonged Tier 2 scene and more opportunities for any player to go pro. There's a lot of action for VALORANT esports still remaining in 2023 and we have you covered with detailed coverage and updates.

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