Reyna is a very divisive Agent in VALORANT, but leave it up to Paper Rex’s something to dominate with her on the international stage.

If teams want to make a surprising, or even trolling Agent pick in VALORANT, they tend to go with Yoru. We just don't see Reyna in the VCT anymore, except for when Ilya "something" Petrov of Paper Rex joins the server. The purple-hued Duelist is a selfish character, but a top tier aimer can make her work.

The Paper Rex star missed Masters Tokyo due to visa issues. He returned to the lineup at VALORANT Champions 2023. His debut was what you'd expect from him, and now that the nerves are shaken off even further, he brought Reyna into the opening playoff match against FUT Esports.

Reyna is in good hands with PRX something at VALORANT Champions 2023

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

The first map in the PRX vs. FUT series was Ascent. Instead of mirroring FUT and picking Jett, something opted to go with Reyna. And though the final round count was quite close at 13:10, something utterly decimated them on the scoreboard.

He ended Ascent with an Average Combat Score of 291. That's on the back of a KDA of 24\13\4 and an average of one kill per round. The way he utilized the Agent made it look like he was playing a ranked match rather than battling one of EMEA's best teams.

His performance included a multikill of every kind. There was a singular 2K round, three 3K rounds, one 4K round, and even an Ace thrown in there. Something popped off as he typically does, but you never truly believe the Reyna pick has happened until you see these kind of numbers.

This is a player, and a team, who won the Pacific league against DRX. They were one map away from representing their region in the Grand Final at Masters Tokyo. Paper Rex are well known for their exciting, aggressive, and oftentimes confusing playstyle. This just proves it works.

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