Red Bull Instalock brings four top VALORANT Game Changers teams together with a unique twist on the game’s typical tournament format.

Red Bull Instalock is here with its wild format. Teams must use three Duelist Agents in their VALORANT matches, as they play in an arena formatted to look like the map Icebox.

With invited squads from the Game Changers scene, this is sure to shake up how VALORANT is played. Much like Red Bull's Home Ground events. Stick around with us for all the details, including the results.

Red Bull Instalock teams

Four teams were invited to Red Bull Instalock. Three reside in the EMEA region, as the event takes place in London, England. The other comes from North America, as your 2023 VALORANT Game Changers Champions.

G2 Gozen

  • Michaela "mimi" Lintrup
  • Eda "rezq" Akçocuk
  • Amy "amy" Lai
  • Aleyna "Vania" Keskin
  • Petra "Petra" Stoker


  • Eylül "Miyori" Sarıoğlu
  • Yağmur "Smurfette" Gündüz
  • Neslişah "ness" Demir
  • Tina "Joliinaa" Agéli
  • Sarah "sarah" Ahmed

Karmine Corp

  • Ece "Kuripuuya" Balıkdere
  • Mathilde "Nelo" Beltoise
  • Léa "matrix" Ransquin
  • Anastasia "Glance" Anisimova
  • Weronika "speedowka" Dabrowska

Shopify Rebellion

  • Melanie "meL" Capone
  • Alexis "alexis" Guarrasi
  • Nicole "Noia" Tierce
  • Ava "florescent" Eugene
  • Sarah "sarahcat" Simpson

How to watch Red Bull Instalock

Red Bull Instalock streams live on Red Bull's official Twitch and YouTube channels. You can watch there, or stay right here with the embedded stream to catch all the action.

Red Bull Instalock schedule and results

Here you'll find the date for each match, the round in which the match occurs, the participants, and the results as they happen.

Playoff Bracket

Map Count
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
April 20, 2024
Upper Semifinals
G2 Gozen vs. GIANTX
Bind 11:13
Ascent 13:2
Icebox 13:15
April 20, 2024
Upper Semifinals
Shopify Rebellion vs. Karmine Corp
Breeze 15:13
Ascent 13:7
April 20, 2024
Lower Round 1
G2 Gozen vs. Karmine Corp
Ascent 9:13
Breeze 13:9
Sunset 13:8
April 20, 2024
Upper Final
GIANTX vs. Shopify Rebellion
Lotus 10:13
Sunset 8:13
April 21, 2024
Lower Final
G2 Gozen vs. GIANTX
Icebox 13:10
Sunset 13:10

Creator Showmatch - Team 1 wins Bind in OT

Team 1
Talia Mar
Daniela ‘Jupi’ Gradi
Irina ‘Taiko’ Chiru
Sara ‘thisisnotsara’ Iqbal
Alexandra ‘LexieMariex’ Butterfill
Team 2
Ella ‘Tenshi’ Merry
Ashleigh ‘Elfenleii’ Black
Jordan ‘Jorhdys’ Drummond
Shan ‘ThePizzaWaffle’ Hadden
Kayleigh ‘KayWordley’ Wordley

The Showmatch took place on Bind, with both teams employing Clove and Team 1 bringing in an Iso as one of their Duelists. Team 1 looked primed to win it easily, but Team 2 made a valiant comeback that forced overtime.

In that OT period, a chaotic round went in favor of Team 1. They got the Spike down on a Site and a 1v1 went in their favor. A round later and the Showmatch was over, with Team 1 flying into B Site for a retake, and the Iso proving to be the difference maker in a 14:12 victory.

Grand Final

Map Count
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4
April 21, 2024
Grand Final
Shopify Rebellion vs. G2 Gozen
Breeze 8:13
Lotus 7:13
Icebox 5:13
Shopify Rebellion receives a 1-map lead to start the series for making it through the Upper Bracket

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