This edition of the series will also feature NA teams bringing the NA vs EMEA rivalry to close out the year.

Red Bull Home Ground is back with eight of the best Valorant teams in competition on LAN. The iconic tournament series will take place on LAN at the Victoria Warehouse, Manchester.  This is the first time North American teams will also attend the event adding a new complexity to the Valorant LAN competition.

Red Bull Home Ground will return for its third iteration, this time bringing in two qualifier spots for upcoming teams to prove their worth against the world’s best lineups. Victoria Warehouse is at the core of the Manchester music scene and features a neon underground aesthetic adding a ‘gamery’ feel to the entire event. There will also be a live audience and the event will also stream live on Twitch and YouTube

“Being on Red Bull Home Ground was fun for our team. Last year, I gave it my all to earn the title of tournament MVP, and this year, my team and I are prepared to top that effort. Wait for it! ”


NA teams to debut at Red Bull Home Grounds

The third edition of the Red Bull Home Grounds will have NA teams in attendance. Although the team list is not yet confirmed it would be great to see some new rivalries find structure at this tournament. 

The next international Valorant competition will take place at Istanbul alongside the VCT Champions which will crown the best team of the world. The Red Bull Home Ground LAN tournament will likely be the next opportunity for Valorant fans to witness trans Atlantic competition.

What’s the Home and Away format?

In the best-of-five matches, both teams pick a “home ground” to play on for the opening two maps. Rewarding tactical awareness, map knowledge and wider map usage, if a team wins both opening “home” and “away” matches, they automatically win the tie, while a stalemate will default the tie to the traditional best of format.

Red Bull also hosts the Red Bull Campus Clutch which is an open global Valorant tournament for students. The consistent support for the grassroots Valorant community, both to students and also to host premier Valorant tournaments involved the best teams in action. The Red Bull Home Ground will also provide an opportunity for teams from Turkey and open qualifiers for EMEA teams. Teams interested in signing up for the EMEA open qualifiers can do so here.

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