#Razejoy? Official Valorant Twitter confirms Raze and Killjoy are in a relationship cover image

#Razejoy? Official Valorant Twitter confirms Raze and Killjoy are in a relationship

A relationship between Raze and Killjoy, two of Valorant’s most popular Agents, has been made lore-official by Riot Games.

Valorant's lore continues to expand. Over the years, we have learned quite a bit about its Agents and their backgrounds. Now, Riot Games are taking things a step further with intertwining their Agent stories. In a tweet by the official Valorant account, Raze and Killjoy are seen kissing, confirming the long-rumored relationship between the two.

Love prevails as a relationship blossoms between Valorant's Raze and Killjoy

The Brazilian Duelist and German Sentinel are officially a thing. Recent artwork shared on the Valorant Twitter account has shown many of the Agents spending time together. A lot of these tweets include Raze and Killjoy together in some way or another.

One piece shows them having a meal with Neon, Phoenix, and Yoru present. Another image showcases Killjoy and other Agents in Raze's workshop while stating it is "sacred ground." Then there is the tweet of a large party taking place, with none other than Raze and Killjoy interacting near a stage.

This has culminated with the rumors of a relationship no longer being rumors. Valorant tweeted what appears to be the aforementioned party. While partygoers enjoy themselves in the background, Raze and Killjoy are front and center, kissing on a bench.

Flirtation has been rather common between the two via voice lines found within Valorant. A YouTuber by the name of LEO put together a short video detailing some of these voice lines. It is clear the Agents have been fond of each other for some time. Now, they've pulled the trigger on a relationship.

Valorant updates and patches are very common. The game receives new voice lines quite frequently. Expect to hear the new couple mention their relationship during the Buy Phase before a round starts. And don't be surprised if some of the other Agents chime in on the situation, too. Congrats to them!

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