Radiant rank VALORANT player, Solista, banned live on stream cover image

Radiant rank VALORANT player, Solista, banned live on stream

North America’s 65th ranked VALORANT player is now banned for cheating. He was banned live during a Twitch stream and had a very unsurprised reaction.

Radiant ranked VALORANT streamer, Solista was recently banned while live on stream. The Anti-Cheat Police Department tweeted the video of Solista receiving his ban as well as his tepid response to the same. The player’s response almost suggests he was expecting the ban for some time now.

Riot Games has put anti-cheat at the forefront of its game. The Anti-Cheat Police Department is a voluntary organization looking to expose cheaters in VALORANT. It has previously lifted the lid on professional players in VALORANT using third-party software to gain a competitive advantage. 

Solista caught cheating live on stream

Solista is the 65th ranked VALORANT player in North America. As a player of Radiant rank, he usually ended up in very high-skill matches. But it is now obvious that the player took the easy way out to reach his rank. There have always been doubts over Solista’s skill. He would often hit shots without clicking his mouse and have a very high headshot accuracy at times. But without any proof, there was no action against the player. 

During a live stream, Solista’s match ended abruptly with a red screen. The screen announced the termination of the match as one of the players was a cheater. The player chuckles nervously at this point and there’s no look of surprise on his face. 

Many fans consider the player’s unsurprised reaction as proof he knew what he was doing. “What? Really dude” was all he could muster after seeing his ban. An audible sign and he walks out of the room.

Solista’s ban should not come as a surprise to the community. The player has been accused of using a triggerbot which would eliminate opponents despite him not clicking the mouse. 

Solista’s actions had resulted in one-sided games and often the player would be able to turn the tide of the match. The player’s actions were an obstacle to others looking to climb the VALORANT ladder and possibly enter the professional scene. 

Solista’s actions would often spoil matches for other players in his games. As he climbed the ranked ladder, Solista was also inadvertently taking away the opportunity for others to showcase their skill. Solista ruined the VALORANT matchmaking experience from many other players.

How did the community react to Solista’s Ban?

The community reaction to Solista’s ban has mostly been of relief. This ban will go a long way in providing an enjoyable experience for VALORANT players. It will also discourage other players from picking up cheats while also reinforcing players’ trust in Riot’s Anti-cheat.

Surprisingly, the player has been retweeting people celebrating his ban. So far, it seems he is enjoying the attention for some reason.

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