Paper Rex await their opponents in the Grand Finals!

The Upper bracket finals match between Paper Rex and T1 Esports saw Paper Rex secure a victory and earn its spot in the Grand Finals. Jinggg was instrumental in Paper Rex’s performance which now sees them one match short of being the best team in the Pacific region.

Paper Rex vs T1 at VCT Pacific

At stake for this series was a slot in the Grand Finals, and for both teams, this was an all-important match. Ofcourse, both teams had already qualified for VCT Masters Shanghai. The top three teams qualify for Shanghai and both Paper Rex and T1 have already confirmed their participation. However, the teams will also need to ensure that they win the Stage 1 Pacific in order to secure the additional VCT points that could prove useful later this year.

Map Veto

  • T1 ban Icebox
  • PRX ban Breeze
  • T1 pick Lotus
  • PRX pick Sunset
  • T1 ban Bind
  • PRX ban Ascent
  • Split remains

Paper Rex started off with a bang on the Attacking side of Lotus. T1 only managed to win one single defensive round - the 9th round to be precise. Jinggg was all over the map ensuring initial frags and an ACS of 333 meant that there was hardly any opposition for the youngster. T1 esports could simply not withhold the PRX attack and a 1-11 halftime score meant little room to move about for T1 esports. As expected, it was only a matter of time before Paper Rex sealed Map 1 and ended it with a 13-3 victory.

The second map was Paper Rex’s map of choice and fans were expecting a similarly dominant performance. While it wasn’t as dominating as the first map, it was only a matter of one more round for T1 esports. This time, f0rsakeN and d4v41 stepped up with 241 and 243 ACS respectively. Xccurate tried his best on T1 esports, but it wasn’t enough as they were unable to get anything going on the T side this time. 

Overall, the match was a complete skill mismatch between the two teams. Paper Rex’s core roster has been around for quite some time and the synergy of the players is something that T1 simply couldn’t match up to. 

With this loss, T1 falls down to the lower bracket finals. They will face off against Gen.G esports and the winner of that series will go on to face Paper Rex in the Grand Finals. With the remaining matches all being best-of-five series it will be interesting how the additional maps in the pool will help T1 esports in their next few matches. 

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