Paper Rex and GenG qualify for Masters Madrid 2024 cover image

Paper Rex and GenG qualify for Masters Madrid 2024

The two Pacific representatives!

The conclusion of VCT Pacific Kickoff has finally given us the two teams that have quailfied for the VCT Masters Madrid 2024. GenG and Paper Rex secured the Top two spots and will  be the Pacific representatives.

The top two teams at the VCT Pacific Kickoff would secure an invitation to Masters Madrid. This meant teams only needed to reach the Grand Finals to qualify for Masters. Ofcourse, for the winner of the Grand Final, there is the added benefit of securing VCT Points. These points will become useful later in the year just before VCT Champions 2024. 

Paper Rex storm through to the Finals

Paper Rex is one of the best teams in the region and it was no surprise to see them breeze through the group stage and even the semifinals. Coming in as the High Seed of Group C, Paper Rex’s victory over GenG meant they got themselves the semifinal slot early on.

<em>Paper Rex qualified for Masters Madrid 2024. Image Credit: VCT Pacific 2024.</em>
Paper Rex qualified for Masters Madrid 2024. Image Credit: VCT Pacific 2024.

In the semifinals, Paper Rex faced off against T1 esports (Group A toppers). Across the two maps that played out, Forsaken had 54 kills to his name, averaging 27 kills a map. A 292 ACS across two maps is a commendable feat and he also had the highest Headshot percentage on the server at 34%.

Despite the high number of kills, he was still one of the most entertaining players to watch. At this point fans expect Paper Rex to bring about their trademark aggression and firepower on any match they compete. The player with the next number of kills was Mindfreak at 40 kills in the series.

With this victory, Paper Rex will now face off against GenG esports who managed to surprise everyone with a 2-0 victory over DRX.

GenG Trump DRX to secure Masters Madrid spot

The GenG vs DRX matchup, the other semifinals of the Kickoff, was always going to be a close one. DRX’s core lineup is one of the longest-standing rosters together and they have crafted glory for themselves with unbeaten runs, methodical gameplay and more. But the team has had a few changes adding new players. The move to get new players, scouted and called up, and integrate them into the methodical gameplay style of the team was put to test in the Pacific Kickoff. 

The first map on Bind was a relatively close affair with GenG winning it in Overtime. T3xture has often been the star on the roster and he did not disappoint today either. He had 28 kills to his name on Bind, although it was Karon who impressed with a 250 ACS.

The second map was much easier for GenG who looked to carry forward their momentum from Bind. On Lotus, they had a blazing start, rushing forth to a 9-3 first half on the attacking side. After that it was just a case of closing out the map and series. They secured their spot for the Grand Finals in a few more rounds.

Paper Rex vs GenG in the Grand Finals

Both teams have secured their Masters Madrid qualification, but there’s more at stake during the Grand Finals. The winner of the VCT Pacific Kickoff Grand Final will receive three Championship points. These points will be useful later in the year when Riot Games decides the final list of invites to VCT Champs 2024. For now, VALORANT fans can catch the Grand Finals live on Twitch.

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