OpTic Gaming defeated LoudGG 3-0 to be crowned the VCT Masters Reykjavik champions. It’s the organization’s first win in the VCT.

OpTic Gaming has been crowned the VCT Masters Reykjavik champions after defeating LoudGG in a comfortable 3-0 victory. The North American roster managed to sweep the Grand Finals 3-0 to claim their first VCT Masters win in the organization's history.

The road to the Masters Reykjavik Grand Final

The Greenwall had been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride all throughout the tournament to get to the grand final. With their loss to Xerxia Esports in the Group Stage, as well as their defeat against Loud in the Winners Bracket Final, there was some doubt over whether they had what it took to claim victory in Reykjavik. But after beating Zeta Division in the lower bracket final in flawless fashion, they were once again the team to be feared in the Grand Final.

Winning this event means a lot to us because in the past grand finals [Masters 3 Berlin] we were on the losing side. And we know exactly how it feels to be on that side. That is what fueled us to win today.

OpTic Gaming's Victor in the Post-Match Interview

LoudGG on the other hand had managed to impress everyone from their first match of the tournament onwards. After starting in the Playoffs, as a result of their Top-4 seeding, the Brazilian team seemed to go from strength to strength as they took down Team Liquid, G2, and OpTic Gaming on their way to the Grand Final. The final also marked the first time in the VCT that a Brazilian team has made it into the Grand Finals of a Masters Event.

OpTic Gaming vs LoudGG Full Match Recap

The Greenwall stands firm on Ascent

The teams headed to Ascent for the first map of this best of five series. Having beaten OpTic on this map in the Winners Bracket final, this seemed like the perfect venue for Loud to get one over on the NA side.

However, what transpired in the first half was nothing short of a massacre from OpTic; who won the first four rounds effortlessly. Loud managed to cobble together a few rounds of their own, but were ultimately unable to make much of a dent in OpTic's defensive play as they went into halftime trailing 10-2. With Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen and Jaccob "Yay" Whiteaker putting the hurt on their Brazilian counterparts.

Loud got off to a much better start in the second half. Winning the first five rounds of the half to put a damper on OpTic's offense. And though the NA team managed to bag another round win after this sudden swing, it looked as though the Brazilians were poised to stage another comeback on Ascent. Yet after conceding two more rounds to Loud, OpTic rallied back into the game to eventually take the map 13-9. Giving the Greenwall the early 1-0 advantage in the final.

Yay and Victor go big on Bind

Things weren't looking too good for Loud after falling on their map pick. And with the match heading to Bind for Map 2, which heavily favored Loud statistically speaking, the Brazilians were going to need to make something special happen if they wanted to get back in this match.

The two teams traded two rounds a piece to get things started on Bind. But from that point on OpTic had once again taken complete control of proceedings. With the NA team stringing together after five rounds in a row to carve out a 7-2 lead. Though this time around Loud were able to at least half the deficit towards the end of the half. With the Greenwall taking an 8-4 lead after another solid defensive half. With Yay having another dynamic performance on the Chamber alongside Victor "Victor" Wong's Raze.

But once again the game seemed to flip onto its' head as Loud came out swinging in the second half. Winning six rounds in a row to take the lead 10-8. Thanks in part to the incredible efforts of Erick "Aspas" Santos. As well as a moment of pure chaos from OpTic in the midst of it all.

The NA side managed to briefly regain the lead with three round wins in a row. But in the end the two teams could not be separated after 24 rounds on Bind. Which meant the map was heading to Overtime. But in the end OpTic made quick work of their opponents as they eventually took Bind 14-12 to extend their lead in the series to 2-0. And putting Loud into a bit of a bind of their own.

OpTic close out the Grand Finals with a Double Overtime win on Breeze

If there was a map in this series where Loud could mount a desperate comeback then Breeze looked like it would play the part. OpTic had not played this map at all prior to the grand final so there was a lot of uncertainty going into this one. Especially with Marved opting to play the Chamber instead of Yay.

OpTic kickstarted proceedings by winning the first three rounds of the map. Loud responded by getting two rounds of their own, but once more the NA side seemed to be on another level in this match. They won five of the next seven round to establish an 8-4 lead going into halftime. With Austin "Crashies" Roberts dictating proceedings with his Sova play.

Loud won the opening two rounds of the second half as they attempted to start their much-needed comeback. But OpTic came back at them with two rounds of their own, to take them past the double digit mark. However, after both sides traded a couple of rounds, it looked as if Loud were beginning to put things together at last. As they managed to piece together five hard-fought round wins to put them on map point. With Aspas having another incredible performance alongside Bryan "pancada" Luna.

However OpTic managed to clutch up in the final round of regulation time to send game to Overtime. And the Greenwall would continue where they had left off by winning the first round of overtime. Only for Loud to respond with a round of their own thanks to a huge 4k from pancada to bring up Second Overtime. But that would prove to be the Brazilian team's final act as OpTic took the final two rounds of Breeze in dominate fashion to win the map 15-13 and take the Masters crown at Reykjavik.

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