Who will come out on top of this huge Americas vs EMEA clash between NRG and NAVI in Group B of Masters Tokyo?

We are set to witness a true NA vs EMEA showdown in the form of NRG vs NAVI as we begin Day 2 of Masters Tokyo. This match has the potential to be a true VCT classic and we will be here to bring you all of the action as it happens.

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
NRGNatus Vincere (NAVI)NRG 13 - 8
NAVI 14 -12
NRG 13 - 6
NRG (2 - 1)
Final Scores for NRG vs NAVI VCT Masters Tokyo

NRG and NAVI set for huge regional clash at Masters Tokyo

VALORANT fans are in for a real treat to kick off the second day of Group Play matches at Masters Tokyo. The last time these two rosters met at a Major tournament was at Masters Copenhagen in the 2022 season. It was there that we witnessed a tactical battle unlike any other, with NAVI, formerly FPX, coming out on top. Since then, however, both teams have struggled to rediscover the form that made them so dominant in their respective regions last season. But if there was ever a time for either of these two titans to rediscover said form, it would be here on the Masters stage.

NAVI finished second in EMEA during League Play which all but guaranteed them a place in Masters Tokyo. However, their disappointing performance during the EMEA Playoffs, where they lost to fellow Masters competitors FUT Esports and Team Liquid, saw them qualify as the region's fourth seed. NAVI will be hoping to dissuade any of the doubts their fans might have coming into this tournament as they look to defend their Masters crown. But they will have to overcome an old friend to do so.

NRG suffered from a traditionally slow start to life in the Americas League this season. The Americas league second seed will be hoping they can get off to a much quicker start this time around as they look to make a deep run here in Tokyo. And while this match is already in itself an eye-catching affair, many of those eyes will likely be on Ardiis, who played a pivotal roll in the FPX core's Masters Copenhagen success last season. This is a match chalked to the brim with excitement and we cannot wait for it to get started.

Natus Vincere VALORANT Roster:

Natus Vincere VALORANT Roster VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 (Photo by Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games)
Natus Vincere VALORANT Roster VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 (Photo by Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games)
  • Kyrylo "Ange1" Karasov (IGL)
  • Andrey "Shao" Kiprsky
  • Pontus "Zyppan" Eek
  • Dmitry "Suygetsu" Ilyushin
  • Mehmet Yagiz "cNed" Ipek


NRG VALORANT Roster VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 (Photo by Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games)
NRG VALORANT Roster VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 (Photo by Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games)
  • Pujan "FiNESSE" Mehta (IGL)
  • Victor "Victor" Wong
  • Austin "Crashies" Roberts
  • Ardis "Ardiis" Svarenieks
  • Sam "S0m" Oh

Full NRG vs NAVI Match Recap

NRG crack open the play book on Ascent

The match begins with a trip to Ascent curtesy of NAVI. Both teams go for comfort picks, with NRG leaning on the traditional meta composition and NAVI leaning into Suygetsu's Cypher. NAVI opens the map up by taking the first pistol round and they hold strong on their anti-eco. NRG string together six rounds in a row, as their defensive setups and mid-round calls seem to stump NAVI early. But NAVI bounce right back with some solid play calling of their own. And their efforts are rewarded as they manage to tie the map up at 6 - 6 going into halftime.

NAVI wins the second pistol round, as well as another anti-eco which enables them to retake the lead on their map pick. But NRG again manage to tie things up, thanks in part to a huge 3k clutch from Crashies. And the NA side break the double digit mark thanks to a couple more big plays, this time from S0m and Ardiis, who has continued to make his presence known against his former team. The Latvian hits a 4k in round 20 to put NRG on map point at 12 - 8. And that proves to be a decisive moment on the map as NRG quickly closes out Ascent 13 - 8, giving themselves a well-earned 1 - 0 lead in the series.

Suygetsu wrestles Lotus away from NRG in OT

After a well-orchestrated win on Ascent, NRG brings this match to Lotus for Map 2. Both sides go for very similar team compositions, but with the big difference being Victor on his trusty Neon.

NRG takes a flawless pistol round as well as an equally aggressive anti-eco to kickstart their attack half on Lotus. And this early aggression pays dividends for NRG early on as they string together six, uncontested rounds in a row, with Ardiis and Victor having their way with their opponents. NAVI are able to disrupt their momentum for a few fleeting moments, but NRG are able to put them in a relatively deep hole. With the Americas team taking an 8 - 4 lead into halftime.

NAVI takes the second pistol round to give themselves a chance of pulling themselves back into this game. And they get their anti-eco but lose their bonus round as NRG regains some control over the map. But NAVI begin to find a ton of value in their initial engagements, with cNed beginning to grow in confidence on his Raze as NAVI tie the map up at 9 - 9. A huge thrifty round from NRG allows them to regain the lead and it looked as though things might spiral out of NAVI's control. But the EMEA side manage to rally back into their attack as they put themselves on map point at 12 - 11. Only for NRG to respond with a strong defensive hold which forces the game into Overtime.

NRG attempt to benefit from the same aggressive playstyle that got them their initial lead on the map. But an unreal 4k from Suygetsu puts his side back on map point. And with one final 4k, this time from cNed, NAVI manages to turn what seemed like an improbable outcome reality as they snatch Lotus away from NRG 14 -12 and tie up the series at 1 - 1.

NRG brush NAVI aside on Split

Thanks to their heroic efforts on Lotus, NAVI give themselves a new lease on life in this series. But with the teams heading to Split for the decisive third map, we are left wondering what more they can do to overcome NRG. NAVI opts to stick with the same sort of team composition that saw that take Lotus, but with the use of a Skye instead of a Fade. Whereas NRG opts to rely on the traditional Split comp.

NRG barely manage to secure the first pistol round as the begin their attack side. And they string together another streak of rounds to give themselves an early 5 - 0 lead. cNed gets a 4k to give NAVI their first round of the half following a brief timeout. But it does little to trouble NRG as their lead continues to grow at 7 - 1. NAVI manage to get their second round on the board after using their second timeout of the map. But a 3k from FiNESSE, which began with an interesting battle between the IGLs, ensures that, that is all she wrote for NAVI in the first half. With NRG putting together a 10 - 2 lead.

NAVI manage to win the second pistol round of the map, but still find themselves staring up Mount Everest on this map. Yet, just like on Lotus, NAVI find their second wind on Split as they manage to take a sizeable chunk out of NRG's lead at 10 - 6. But this time, NRG manage to shutdown their newfound momentum off of a moment of madness from Victor. The NA side put themselves on match point at 12 - 6, with NAVI looking like they had run out of steam. And with one final nail in the coffin from Ardiis no less, NRG were able to secure Split 13 - 6 and take the series 2 - 1.

How to watch NRG vs NAVI Masters Tokyo?

VCT Masters Tokyo is here at long last. 10 Teams representing each of the three leagues, as well as two invited teams from China, are set to battle it out in Japan for a chance at Masters glory. All of the matches will be streamed live from the Tipstar Dome Chiba on the VALORANT Twitch and YouTube channels. Those of you who wish to watch the NRG vs NAVI match at Masters Tokyo may do so by clicking the links above or by tuning into our embedded live stream window down below.

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