NRG deals LOUD their first loss of VCT Americas to secure their spot in the playoffs.

The time has come for arguably the biggest match of VCT Amerias thus far as NRG take on their age-old rivals LOUD in a crucial Week 7 matchup. This is a match that you don't want to miss and we will be here to bring you all of the action as it happens.

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Team 2
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NRG EsportsLOUDNRG 13 - 5
NRG 13 - 9
NRG (2 - 0)
Final Scores for NRG vs LOUD VCT Americas 2023

A new chapter in the NRG vs LOUD rivalry begins

This is a matchup that many across the VCT had been looking forward to since the Americas League was created; NRG vs LOUD. The two Champions 2022 finalists have provided us with plenty of thrills in the past; with their most recent battle ending in a hard won victory for LOUD at LOCK//IN. Though both teams find themselves on opposite sides of the table this remains a tough match to call. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

LOUD currently sit at the top of the VCT Americas standings with an overwhelming 7 - 0 match record. Whereas NRG currently sit in 4th place after seemingly finding their second win late on in the League Play. While the Brazilian side are already guaranteed to be in Playoffs, that does not mean they will be taking today's matchup lightly. Especially considering that a win for NRG would effectively secure them a spot in playoffs. The rosters, and organisations may be different, but this remains a fierce rivalry match with plenty at stake.


NRG VALORANT Roster VCT Americas 2023 (Photo by Stefan Wisnoski/Riot Games)
NRG VALORANT Roster VCT Americas 2023 (Photo by Stefan Wisnoski/Riot Games)
  • Pujan "FiNESSE" Mehta (IGL)
  • Victor "Victor" Wong
  • Austin "Crashies" Roberts
  • Ardis "Ardiis" Svarenieks
  • Sam "S0m" Oh
  • Alan "ethos" Ruan


LOUD VALORANT Roster VCT Americas (Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)
LOUD VALORANT Roster VCT Americas (Photo by Robert Paul/Riot Games)
  • Matias "Saadhak" Delpietro (IGL)
  • Erick "Aspas" Santos
  • Felipe "Less" de Loyola
  • Arthur "tuyz" Andrade
  • Cauan "Cauanzin" Pereira

Victor blitzes past LOUD with his Raze on Split

We venture over to Split to begin the match with both teams opting to utilize the same agent composition. NRG takes the opening pistol round as well as their anti-eco to begin their attack side. LOUD's Saadhak answers back with a 4k to put the Brazilians onto the board. NRG maintains the early advantage at 5 - 2, with Victor having a lot of success with on the attack with Raze. LOUD call their first timeout in an attempt to establish some sort of presence on their defense. But NRG's masterful play-calling enables them to take a 9 - 3 lead into the second half. With Victor sitting at an incredible 17 kills and only 6 deaths.

LOUD takes the second pistol round to get themselves off to a better start to their map pick. But a big thrifty round win from NRG gets them onto double-digits and put a damper on LOUD's economy. The map remains in NRG's control but a switch-up in the tempo from LOUD keeps them alive on the Split. Prompting NRG to use their first timeout of the map. It proves valuable for NRG as they put themselves on map point at 12 - 5. And with LOUD's economy once again in the dirt there was really only going to be one winner in this contest. NRG takes Split 13 - 5 to put themselves in the lead in the series at 1 - 0. With Victor finishing the map with a jaw-dropping 401 ACS comprised of 27 kills and 9 deaths.

NRG come out on top in tense brawl on Pearl

After putting on a shot-calling masterclass on Split, NRG bring the match to Pearl for Map 2. Both teams, again, opt to use mirror compositions. All eyes are on LOUD in this map as Pearl has been one of their weakest thus far in VCT Americas from a stats perspective.

LOUD take the opening pistol round followed up by an aggressive anti-eco round to begin their attack half. NRG takes the bonus away from LOUD to put themselves on the board. And they break past the Brazilians thanks to a clutch play from Crashies and Victor, alongside a 3k from Ardiis, to take the lead at 3 - 2. But LOUD answer back with another Thrifty round to tie things up again. The map turns into a very scrappy affair following a timeout from NRG, with neither side able to carve out a significant advantage. Resulting in the teams going into halftime level at 6 - 6.

LOUD take the first couple of rounds of their defensive half to give themselves the lead at 8 - 6. NRG push back with two of their own as the teams remain locked in a never-ending brawl. NRG are able to reach the 10 round mark first, and they put themselves on match point soon after; leaving LOUD with a dwindling economy. One that left them with nothing more than a hope and a prayer, which unfortunately for them was not enough to overturn the deficit. Leaving NRG to close out Pearl 13 - 9 and claim all of the bragging rights as they walk away with the 2 - 0 series win.

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