It is the end of an 18-month long tenure as TSM IGL Hazed is dropped and joins NRG.

Longtime TSM VALORANT member Hazed will be leaving to join NRG Esports ahead of the 2022 VALORANT season. 

NRG grab Hazed to lead their VALORANT team

NRG’s first year in VALORANT can be viewed as a failure. The team danced around with multiple lineups before ultimately falling short of the NA LCQ with 20 points. Now, it appears that they are looking to create a new vision for how the team wants to play the game by acquiring TSM’s former IGL. 

The move will also be a new jump for Hazed, who spent the majority of his time in VALORANT in TSM. And the move is one that the former TSM IGL did not opt for.

 Part of TSM, the 32-year-old acquired a following for his regular streams and content alongside his teammates. However, his competitive career in VALORANT did not find similar success. 

TSM VALORANT constant failures in 2021

TSM was a team touted to be one of the great North American lineups but failed to perform in any capacity. And while they were finally beginning to find a stride by qualifying for the VCT Stage 3 Finals, it was not enough to get them a spot in the NA LCQ, ending their 2021 year. 

“Had a blast representing TSM and playing with the boys.” The Hazed tweet upon leaving TSM reads. “Shoutout to the TSM fans, ya’ll are f*** amazing. Always were kind to me and I’ll always appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

With the departure of Hazed, the only active players remaining from the original TSM roster are Matthew “WARDELL” Yu and Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik.

And after 18 months with TSM, Hazed is looking to achieve a higher level of competition moving forward into the 2022 season with NRG.

The original TSM VALORANT lineup, formerly known as MouseSpaz. Now is just down to two original members.

Hazed will be making his debut with NRG tomorrow at the VALORANT Elite Showdown. He and NRG will compete in group b. There, they will be tasked with facing Orion Sectors in their first match. This tournament will be the first tournament NRG has competed in since August, after failing to qualify for the Stage 3 NA Finals. 

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