It’s not good news for Disguised GC

Riot Games has released yet another statement confirming noot noot’s disqualification does not mean DSG will be reinstated into VCT Game Changers III. Here’s what happened.

Following noot noot’s disqualification, there were questions about the remainder of the bracket. Noot noot had already won one series against Disguised GC in the Upper Bracket quarterfinals. 

Riot has confirmed the bracket will not be revamped and the matches will continue as scheduled. Noot noot have received a forfeit loss in the series against Complexity GX3 in the lower bracket quarterfinals. 

This result brought into question the validity of noot noot’s earlier matches, including their victory against DSG, and if the bracket results should be adjusted. After evaluating multiple options, including re-playing parts of the bracket or reinstating DSG in place of noot noot, neither solution felt appropriate as it would require us to invalidate valid victories and/or create additional unfair knock on effects to multiple teams. 

Riot Games

Who are Team noot noot and what did they do?

On October 6, a VALORANT Game Changers match saw a two-hour delay after just two rounds into the third map. Malibu had just eliminated four GXR players but then the game was inexplicably paused for a long time. 

At 1 HP, noot noot’s malibu managed to get multiple frags and turn the round on its head. The performance was followed by a two-hour delay. With fans confused as to the reason for the delay, there was no statement from the players or Riot Games. Ultimately, Riot released a statement that implicated noot noot with cheating, although more details are awaited. 

During the VCT Game Changers Series 3 match between noot noot and Complexity GX3, Riot Anti-Cheat confirmed competitive integrity was compromised by noot noot. Per Game Changers Rules and Regulations, teams who have been found violating the competitive integrity of a match will receive a match forfeit. 

Riot Competitive Operations will launch a full investigation.

Riot Games

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