Nadeshot comes out in support of The Guard’s players after VCT denial cover image

Nadeshot comes out in support of The Guard’s players after VCT denial

Nadeshot is one of many showing his full support for The Guard’s players to retain their chance in the 2024 VCT.

The talk of the VALORANT community immediately after Champions 2023 is not the world champions, but instead a Challengers team. This is a team who chose to stay together, battle through Challengers, and eventually won Ascension for a spot in the VCT. Now that is all being taken from them, and Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag has voiced his support for The Guard's players.

Nadeshot, the former Call of Duty pro and CEO of 100 Thieves, has been a proponent of VALORANT since its early days. The various 100T rosters have found success, and he wants to make sure the players from The Guard have every opportunity to do the same.

Nadeshot joins community in requesting The Guard gets a chance at VCT

In an episode of Nadeshot Knows on the 100 Thieves YouTube channel, Nadeshot ferociously defended The Guard's players. He and Jacob Toft-Andersen, 100T VP of Esports, discussed the situation where The Guard failed to meet agreement deadlines. Thus Riot Games pulled them from their earned 2024 VCT spot.

As a former professional esports player, it is clear that Nadeshot is passionate about those that take center stage and put on a show for us in-game. He provides a lengthy point-of-view, essentially condemning Riot for pulling the plug, and showing full support for The Guard's players.

"You can't say that these accomplishments and being in the league is earned in-game. And then not allow them to navigate this with some sort of freedom. Whether it's another organization coming in and allowing The Guard players to represent them. Or f*ck it, Riot, just fund the team yourself for one year and figure it out from there."

That quote refers to comments made by Leo Faria, Global Head of VALORANT Esports. Nadeshot addresses him multiple times in the Nadeshot Knows episode. Faria has also been the recipient of many cries for help as The Guard players hope to keep their VCT spot intact in any way possible.

With the community backing the players, and now Nadeshot being in their corner, it seems as though Riot may change its mind about The Guard. Of course, the organization will be out of the picture, but there seems to be a chance for its players.

A follow up to his initial comment shows Leo Faria acknowledging the support the players have received. He says the team hopes "to find a positive outcome for the players" and that we will all be updated when a solution arises.

Stay tuned to for more esports news and VALORANT coverage. We'll continue to provide updates regarding the situation with The Guard's players and their VCT involvement.