An early farewell from Paper Rex for the Indonesian player.

Cahya "Monyet" Nugraha has joined Team RRQ the esports org announced today. The announcement comes shortly after the team failed to qualify for Masters Shanghai which kicks off this month. 

Team RRQ adds Monyet to VALORANT team

Team RRQ finished 7-9th at the recently concluded VCT Stage 1 Pacific. The team finished fourth in the Group Stage, barely missing out on making it to the playoffs. During their journey, the team lost to T1 esports and Global Esports. Despite a 3-2 score, it wasn’t enough to secure a top-three placement - that would have sent them to the playoffs.

The narrowly missed Playoffs definitely required a small change for the team and it seems the management has thought Monyet is the best way forward. The 18-year-old Indonesian player started his VALORANT career with ONIC Esports in 2018 before joining Global Esports. He was on and off the Global Esports team before joining one of the best teams in the Asia-Pacific region. With Paper Rex, he had a few tournaments, although none of them were big wins to speak home about. It’s a new journey for the player and one he would be eager to prove himself on.

With this move, Team RRQ’s VALORANT roster is as follows:

  • David "xffero" Monangin
  • Hagai "Lmemore" Tewuh
  • Park "Estrella" Gun
  • Maksim "Jemkin" Batorov
  • Cahya "Monyet" Nugraha. 

VCT Masters Shanghai kicks off on May 20 and will feature the best VALORANT teams in action. The tournament will see a slight change in schedule due to Team Heretics potentially not being able to field a full roster for their opening match. As a result, Riot Games has made some small changes to the original schedule, that should allow the teams to compete with their full rosters. 

For Team RRQ fans, they can expect the roster to compete again at the next VCT Pacific Stage 2. The Stage 2 event kicks off on June 15 and will continue for almost a month ending on July 21. The top three teams from the Pacific region will earn a spot at VT Champions 2024. 

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