MIBR is showing interest in forming a Brazilian and Argentinian VALORANT super team. The team has been in discussion with Sacy and Saadhak.

The famous Brazilian based esports organization, Made in Brazil (MIBR), is now making a play in VALORANT. According to a VALORANT Zone report, MIBR is in deep discussions with VCT Champions breakout star Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi, his teammate Matias “Saadhak ” Delipetro, and Erick “aspas” Gustavo. 

In addition, MIBR is in talks with Star Horizon’s Bryan “pANcada” Luna (or Bang), Furia’s Agustin “Nozwerr” Ibarra, and KRÜ Esports head coach Rodrigo “Onur” Dalmagro.

The former Counter-Strike org is attempting to form a Brazilian and Argentinian super team. A minor region team looking to compete at the highest levels of VALORANT.

The formation of a Brazilian Super Team

Despite ongoing and complex negotiations between the Team Viking trio and the other Brazilian and Argentinian talent, there’s a general desire among the players to make this work. Bang has shown interest in playing with Sacy previously.

The two players have also been sought out by other Brazilian teams behind the scenes. Bang's former team Star Horizon is looking to acquire the Team Vikings trio too. Dexerto reports of Sweden's Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) showing interest in the Sacy and Saadhak. However, MIBR have been the one org linked to all the new free agents.

Rumors of the Sacy and Saadhak departure have been flying ever since they announced their contracts had expired on December 14th. Of all the players rumored to be signing with MIBR, all but Furia’s nzr have confirmed their contract status as free agents. Moreover, Argentinian born nzr is dealing with potential fines that could complicate negotiations further. 

As for Onur, he confirmed on twitter his free agent status. The KRU head coach brought the Latin American region to new heights at Champions. He moves into 2022 as one of the more sought after coaches in the VALORANT scene.

“I am willing to discuss new proposals for next year, including KRU.”

The potential 2022 MIBR roster and staff

If the roster materializes, it brings a lot of firepower and savvy. The question becomes where does nzr and Sacy fit as Sova mains. Even more so is the formation of minor region super teams and if it’s healthy for the scene. Regardless, it’s not a done deal as of yet. But, with the reports of all these names landing in Brazil, negotiations are ongoing. 

  • Bryan “ bang ” Luna (pANcada)
  • Agustin  “Nozwerr”  Ibarra
  • Gustavo “ Sacy ” Rossi
  • Erick “ aspas”  Santos
  • Matias “ Saadhak ” Delipetro
  • Rodrigo  “Onur”  Dalmagro

After KRU nearly missing a spot in the finals, and Brazil continually improving as a region, bright times are ahead. Onur put it best in his twitlonger: 

“As for the audience, we were in 3 of the 5 most watched Champions League matches, in one of them we had 1M spectators, surpassed only by the final itself. What a trip! We have plenty of reasons to be proud.”