Ludwig comments on Moist Moguls and his involvement with MxS VALORANT cover image

Ludwig comments on Moist Moguls and his involvement with MxS VALORANT

Ludwig assures everyone he is still involved with the VALORANT team after Moist Moguls combined with Shopify Rebellion to form MxS.

Ludwig Ahren, commonly known just as Ludwig, has been a huge proponent of VALORANT esports since he joined forces with Moist. That saw the formation of the Moist Moguls, who had a decent showing in the 2023 NA Challengers league.

Recently, Moist and Shopify Rebellion announced a collaborative roster with MxS VALORANT. So, Ludwig took to YouTube to explain the merging of the rosters. He discusses the removal of Moguls from the name and how he hopes this changes the VALORANT ecosystem.

The formation of MxS VALORANT

In the expletive laced opening of his YouTube video, Ludwig promises he is not leaving VALORANT. He is in it for life. The opportunity to combine rosters with Shopify Rebellion and create MxS VALORANT was too good to pass up.

Just because Moist Moguls is no longer the name does not mean he's excluded from the project. Instead, he was at the helm of its beginnings. Ludwig states that after NA Challengers ended, players from Moist Moguls and Shopify Rebellion began to play together as Lobster Fishers. They were winning quite heavily in the Tier 2 scene, including against the likes of YFP Gaming and Turtle Troop.

He firmly believes they are the best VALORANT team in the world and hopes to change the Ascension structure by being such a well-organized and successful team that when they ascend, Riot will have no choice but to keep them in partnership rather than delegate them back to Challengers when the allotted time period ends.

What happens to the Moist Moguls name?

Near the midsection of the video, Ludwig touches on the Moist Moguls name. Many reached out assuming he was no longer part of the Moist Esports venture in VALORANT with the Moguls name dropped during the Shopify Rebellion agreement.

Ludwig confirms he is on board and that there were talks to remove the Moguls part of Moist Moguls for the upcoming season. He claims confusion between the Moist Moguls VALORANT and Smash Bros division when compared to Moist Esports in Rocket League and other FGC titles.

It felt fractured to Ludwig, to have the separate names. It made him feel as if he were neglecting the pure Moist players that were not a part of the Moist Moguls section. And with that, Moguls was dropped to make it "cleaner."

Now, MxS VALORANT is the name. Moist and Shopify Rebellion have combined for what many are deeming a Tier 2 super team, with or without the Moguls name involved. And it's clear Ludwig is very excited for the team's future.

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