LOUD announces biggest football influencer of Brazil as ambassador cover image

LOUD announces biggest football influencer of Brazil as ambassador

“Luva de Pedreiro” has more than 20 million followers on TikTok and 19 millions on Instagram

LOUD announced this friday (28) Iran “Luva de Pedreiro” Ferreira, the biggest football influencer of Brazil, as its first ambassador. Iran got famous on TikTok doing trick shots and now, the goal of this partnership is to help the influencer start creating content on the gamer scene.

The partnership was praised by Bruno "PlayHard" Bittencourt, founding partner of LOUD. According to him, this action is an important step for the organization to continue innovating inside the market of games and electronic sports.

"We know that football is a passion very present with our fans, so, it was a territory that we always wanted to explore. Nobody better than Luva to get started, since his story is similar to ours, accomplishing its dreams by doing what he loves, proving himself day after day. Now we can connect the world of games with football to deliver new experiences to our community", told PlayHard.

Who is Luva de Pedreiro?

Iran is a 20 years old brazilian who got viral on the internet with his videos on TikTok. Wearing teams shirts and a pair of gloves that are similar to the ones that masons use, he delivered hard trick shots and celebrated his "goals" with catch phrases thanking God.

Luva falled in the grace of the brazilians fans because of his simplicity. Born in a humble home in the interior of Brazil, he showed hability with the ball even in the worst of fields. Now, he has 20,5 million followers on TikTok and 19 million followers on Instagram, making him the biggest brazilian influencer of football in the moment.

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