LOUD announced its all-female VALORANT roster on International Women’s Day.

LOUD, the current VALORANT Champions winner, announced its entry into the inclusive FPS scene of Riot Games. Players from B4 Angels and jelly e amigos make up the roster.

LOUD CEO Bruno "Playhard" Bittencourt said there's significance in the announcement being made on International Women's Day. He said his organization wants to be a part of the inclusive VALORANT scene.

“Today is very important for LOUD," Playhard said. "We launched our first inclusive competitive line-up as part of our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in esports. This is just the beginning of our journey towards a more inclusive future and we are excited to add more 'wins' in this category,” commented Playhard.

LOUD's new VALORANT roster

The roster has Taynah "tayhuhu" Yukimi as its captain. According to the 23-year-old player, LOUD proved to be a good home in terms of reception.

“We worked and trained a lot to get this recognition, and we were very happy to have the support of an organization like LOUD," tayhuhu said. "We have a lineup that is in tune and getting closer and closer to results and we know we can go very far."

LOUD also announced Jonathan "JhoW" Glória from Ninjas in Pyjamas as a coach. The organization also announced Marcos “Markin” Vinicius as the team's analyst.

This is LOUD's VALORANT roster:

  • Taynah “Tayhuhu“ Yukimi
  • Letícia “Let“ Dias
  • Julia “Krysme“ Maria
  • Julia “Jelly“ Paiva
  • Giulia “lissa" Lissa
  • Jonathan "JhoW" Glória (Coach)
  • Marcos “Markin” Vinicius (Analyst)

Relevance in the women's VALORANT scene

Brazilian fans anticipated LOUD's entry into the women's VALORANT scene. The team is now also relevant around the scene as a whole. The team aims to bring Liquid down from its throne.

Throughout 2022, the all-female squad of the Cavalry dominated the inclusive Brazilian scene. One of the teams that rivaled Natália "daiki" Vilela was B4 Angels. The players stayed in third place in Game Changers Brazil 2022 and only lost to Liquid in the semifinals.

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