Leaks indicate a new sniper rifle could be coming to VALORANT cover image

Leaks indicate a new sniper rifle could be coming to VALORANT

A showcase of weapon skins may have potentially leaked a new sniper rifle, named the Outlaw, that is coming to VALORANT.

VALORANT has gone through many changes since its initial beta period. Several Agents have joined the game and balance changes to mechanics and maps have taken place. One thing that hasn't changed is the type of weapons available. That could be proven false soon, as a new sniper may be coming to VALORANT per recent leaks.

The Outlaw, a new sniper rifle in VALORANT, has been leaked

Not much else is known other than the name Outlaw. It slots between the Marshal and the Operator in the sniper category of VALORANT weapons. In what is more than likely a test build of the game, the weapon was spotted in the Buy Menu, but was not shown or used in anyway.

It sits with a cost of 2,400 Credits and looks like a marksman rifle of sorts, with a scope. It will be interesting to see how it fits in the VALORANT meta if this new sniper rifle does in fact make it into the game at some point.

The Marshal is already a perfect eco round sniper. It nets a kill with a headshot no matter what kind of armor a player has purchased. It's rate of fire is also helpful when the first shot connects with the body instead of the head.

And then we have the Operator, which is hands down the most powerful weapon in VALORANT. This sniper rifle is a kill anywhere above the waist. It is hard to see the Outlaw, if it does arrive in the game, have any sort of purpose between the two.

Of course, leaks should always be considered nothing more than rumors until they are officially announced. While a new sniper rifle in VALORANT would be groundbreaking, we don't know if the Outlaw is actually coming. And we won't know until Riot Games says so.

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