KOHAL joins ZETA DIVISION Game Changers team cover image

KOHAL joins ZETA DIVISION Game Changers team

KOHAL from FENNEL Hotelava, the team that represented East Asia last year at the Game Changer Championships has joined ZETA DIVISION GC.

ZETA DIVISION has announced that Seina "KOHAL" Migita will be joining their Game Changers team. KOHAL was a part of FENNEL Hotelava last year, the team which represented East Asia at the Game Changers Championship in Berlin. The news was announced on ZETA DIVISION's Twitter on Feb. 13.

KOHAL was on FENNEL alongside Suzu "suzu" Sasaki, who had been loaned to FENNEL for the duration of the event. The IGL of the team, KOHAL led FENNEL, and while they were knocked out early, they still put on a show, taking a map off of the likes of Team Liquid Brazil and winning the hearts of people around the world with their charm and poise.

ZETA DIVISION's Game Changer team had a rough time in 2022. The team was slotted to participate in the 2022 Japanese Game Changers main event for a chance at playing in the international GC Championship but one of their players, flappy, was removed after they were found involved in inappropriate activities in August. The team forfeited its spot in the tournament. ZETA DIVISION stated that they "will create a more diverse community not just through competitions but also through individual activities such as streaming." KOHAL said of joining ZETA DIVISION: "I will do my best to show everyone a good image."

KOHAL will round out ZETA DIVISION's Game Changer team and they will be participating in the upcoming VCT Game Changers tournaments for 2023. ZETA DIVISION's Game Changers' roster is now:

  • Sarina “moco” Kawashima
  • Airi “romia” Sugiyama
  • Suzu “suzu” Sasaki
  • Seina “KOHAL” Migita
  • “aco“
  • Takahiro “sitimentyo” Koshikawa

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