KennyS reveals why he could not play Valorant for OG.

One of the best AWPers in CS: GO, KennyS, has confirmed that he almost played for OG’s Valorant team in the French VRL, but the loan was blocked by Riot. KennyS has been on G2’s bench since March 2021. He goes into details in his latest video and he also posted a Twitlonger with some explanations.

In a video posted on his YouTube, KennyS confirms that he was going to join OG’s Valorant team. The move to OG would have been a short-term loan, which he says would be around two months. 

I was supposed to play professionally on Valorant for a short time (about 2 months) through a loan transfer from G2 to OG. With this opportunity my goal was to prove myself on the Valorant scene and what I was able to do in this game,” said Kennys.

The Frenchman did not go into details of the specific reason why Riot could not allow him to play. 

“The first plan was to play for a duration of two months. It was a short-term objective that I needed and wanted. I want to thank OG and G2 for trying to make it happen, but unfortunately it did not happen. Why? Because contractually, Riot could not let me play. Which I understand.”

It’s still unclear why Riot blocked the loan transfer as the developer has allowed similar transfers in the past. OG and G2 esports do not play in the same league, although if OG had performed well, there is a possibility they would meet G2 in the EMEA Challengers.

I don’t know why they decided to do anything. All I can say…it’s a shame because it would have been super fun to play with Kennys.

OG CEO, JMR Luna to

The OG Valorant run without KennyS

KennyS OG
KennyS was going to play for OG Valorant for short term, but things did not go as planned.

OG’s Valorant squad failed to make it to VCT after finishing 3-4th in the VRL France. With only the top VRL team securing a spot at the VCT EMEA Challengers, OG’s loss to Team BDS meant they could not compete in the EMEA Challengers. 

KennyS has been one of the legends in the FPS scene, marking his name in Counter Strike on multiple French rosters. The best AWPer in the game for a long time, KennyS went inactive on G2 esports in March 2021 as the organization revamped to achieve better results. 

For now, KennyS continues to focus on his Twitch stream which has been steadily growing over the past few months.

Riot Games recently announced changes to the Valorant Champions Tour for 2023 including some changes to format and weekly LANs. Riot Games has not responded to’s request for comments yet.

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